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Get out my car please

Recently a good friend called me because she had a flat tire and wanted some guidance. I felt bad because other than some verbal support there was nothing I could do. I was at work, which is about 25 miles away. Although she’s fully capable of changing a tire, as many other women are, the thought doesn’t sit too comfortable with me. Especially a woman wearing a dress and high heels. Maybe I’m old fashion, but I feel like I should be helping in that situation. However, you should all know how to change a tire, just in case you’re stuck somewhere that looks like it would be a scene in Friday the 13th. Anyhow, the problem was easily fixed, but as always the situation jogged my brain and made me think about all the times I had a flat tire. Then I remembered this wonderful experience.
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Quick Thank You

Between having to prepare for a presentation and trying meet some work deadlines, I didn’t have a chance to get a post ready for your reading pleasure. I figured I would take this opportunity to say thanks to all of you. It’s only been a couple of weeks, but I still owe you many thanks!

Although I knew for years what I wanted to do with my life, wanting to become a writer was news to most people close to me. I was surprised by  the amount of support and encouragement I received after making the announcement. I guess I shouldn’t have been since I have a lot of good friends. I was even more surprised to find out some of my friends had similar dreams. Again thanks to everyone who has been following site, strangers and friends alike. The few people who got on my case for not having something posted by noon the other day, I was a little scared for my life, but it still made me smile. To the people I met through this site who have also been encouraging, I thank you as well.

I’ll end this with a few comments I got after telling a few people about the site:
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Defending Your Boo

While driving this morning, I noticed some road kill on the highway. It’s not unusual to see a splattered raccoon on the road, but I realized this raccoon had webbed feet. What I thought was a raccoon was actually a duck. While my story has nothing to do with a duck or a raccoon for that matter, for some reason it made me think of this.

Many many years ago, my 2 females cousins lived with my father and I. They had 2 parakeets and I don’t think I ever knew their names so there’s no point in trying to remember now. For story sake, I’ll just call one Green and the other Blue since those were their colors. Creative naming, I know. One day we were gathered in the living room and I was trying to explain something to my cousin. Now for some reason Green decided to continuously chirp every time I spoke. I thought it was just coincidence, but I realized his or her smart-ass was doing it intentionally. Green had its wings clipped and couldn’t fly around so letting him out the cage was never a problem. He could really only hop around. Since he kept messing with me I took off my slipper (no I didn’t smack him with it, what is wrong with you?) and playfully waved the sandal at him.
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