Now and Then…

As a child watching Tom and Jerry, I always thought Jerry (the mouse) was the innocent one and Tom (the cat) got what he deserved for not leaving the poor mouse alone.  I was very bored this morning and while flipping through channels I stumbled across the old cartoon. I watched for a few minutes and had a revelation; Jerry is a hater. The not so bright cat is the innocent one and tormented by this ingenious mouse. A mouse that has nothing better to do than pick on someone with a lower IQ.

This isn’t really about Tom and Jerry. The real revelation is now that I’m older I see things in  a whole new light. Not just from when I was a child or teenager, but even from more recent years. Things were different then:
1. The club was a great place to be. Spending money, buying drinks, and all these beautiful women walking around.  Club? I’m there every weekend!
2. Money actually did grow on trees and a savings account was just a fancy piggy bank.
3. My mother was wrong. Always always wrong.
4. I didn’t understand women.

1. The club is a money-sucking organization designed to set you up for failure. Club? If it isn’t your birthday, don’t invite me.
2. It’s easier to access the money in my bank account than it was to actually get it to fall out of my piggy bank.
3. My mother was usually right, however, I will never admit this to her and 20 years from now I probably still won’t listen.
4. I still don’t understand women, but I have learned to nod my head and say “Yes, you are right”.

I still don’t have it all figured out yet, but I’m trying. For example as a child I didn’t understand why the humans in Tom and Jerry cartoons had no heads. I creeped me out actually. 20 years later, I still don’t get it. And yes…. it still creeps me out a little.

-Vic Louis


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