Here Lies Chivalry – R.I.P.

Despite common belief, chivalry is not dead and still lives on. It’s kind of like Tupac really; pronounced dead years ago, but some fortunate people still see him once in awhile. I personally still follow the soon to be lost code of modern chivalry. I probably couldn’t stop if I wanted to, most likely because I was raised by 3 women. I was raised to be a gentleman. Simply opening and holding doors is one example of all that I was taught. I used to pull out seats at restaurants, but I realized it always ended up being more awkward than helpful so I stopped. Besides,  gentlemen if you are on a date you should be looking for a private booth anyways (that tip is free, you’re welcome).

While I don’t think it’s dead yet, from my past experiences I can kind of understand why chivalry is currently in the ICU:

If a woman is walking behind me and a door presents itself, whether she looks like Nia Long or Susan Boyle, the little voice in my head tells me to hold it open for her. More often than not, I do get a thank you which is all I want to hear. However, too often I get dead silence and not even a nod of acknowledgment. I am not a doorman therefore I’m not on the job. Nor am I plugged into the wall and being controlled by a motion detector. A simple thank you goes a long way.

Car door. Same applies as above. If we open and hold the door until you are comfortably seated, just say thank you.  One time I only got as far as unlocking the door and my date grabbed the handle, opened the door,  sat down and quickly closed it. I stood there with my hand out in disbelief for so long, a homeless guy walked by and gave me his spare change. Fortunately for some, this is 2010 and all cars come with remotes.  I say this because some of you would fail the ” A Bronx Tale” door test.  Huh?  Google  it.

I could go on, but then is would be far too long. If it truly is dead, unlike skinny jeans for men, chivalry should come back from the grave. And unlike bill collectors, it should be welcomed with open arms and appreciated. Rest assured I’m not only blaming women alone for this. I am happy to say that none of this applies to most of the women I’m friends with. Your mommas raised y’all well, thank them for me.

– Vic Louis
p.s. To the young lady driving the gray Corolla on Rt-2 yesterday afternoon, that was a weak attempt at a covering it up.  This may come as a shock to you, but if you have no tints and  your windows are down anyways, people can see you. I definitely saw you picking your nose. Not cute one bit.



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8 responses to “Here Lies Chivalry – R.I.P.

  1. bubblez410

    This post is really funny, yet very true….chivarly needs to make a comeback and quickly if I may say so… I definitely enjoyed this posting…keep’em coming!!

  2. Inquiring M.

    Yeah this was funny… I can’t wait til you start writing stuff I actually disagree with *le sigh*… @ the PS- GROSS!

  3. I very much appreciate all the gentlemen still in the world today. And I most def passed “The Bronx Tale” test!…that’s why you’ll never catch me singing “Single Ladies” lol. I think what happened to chivalry is that most gilrs/women forgot what it means to be a lady, so boys/men forgot how to treat them as such.


  4. Perfectly Imperfect

    This is def a good one and opens the doors to many thoughts.

    Supa above brings up a very valid point that in today’s world a lot of women forget how to be lady like yet want to be, and expect to be treated as such.

    My personal opinion is that people aren’t focused in the settling down and starting a home aspects of the past. Everyone is focus on this “do me” mentality. In a sad way even at the cost of out common social contract. A lot of times folks are caught up in this idea that vulnerability means weakness, being polite is often associated with this idea that one is kissing ass and there for is weak etc. When its quite the opposite.

    Guys nowadays act like just because they got a number, come over to chill one night they are guaranteed a piece. What happened to romancing a girl, making her smile, hanging out a few times and then maybe asking for a piece. Even if rejected the first time being a gentlemen def doesn’t go unnoticed.

    A real woman appreciates chivalry and he vocabulary will even contain the words “thank you” and “please”

    Hand up to those seldom few that are left.

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  6. Scrappy

    Chivalry might not be dead but it is definitely an endangered species. Good blog.

  7. Funny Blog. It really made me laugh. I like the name as well . “My 28 Cents” is appropriate and appealing. Your web design is great. Can’t wait to read more.

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