I love you because you’re ugly.

A friend suggested the following topic to me, “Do looks really matter?” I wasn’t going to get into it because my first thought was there isn’t much to say about this. The answer is simply Yes. However, since I truly can not stand when people confuse their opinions with facts I’ll put it up for debate. Be clear that I am aware matters of the heart are not just left to a big butt and a smile, but yes initially looks do matter.

Guys, what makes you approach a woman? Have you ever said “Well, that girl is unattractive, but I’m sure she’s a beautiful person inside so I’m going to talk to her?” No, you saw her from afar and said “Damn, she looks good!” She noticed you looking at her and smiled or maybe not, but you still approached her because of her looks alone. When you got up close you realized that the alcohol and distance were in her favor at first glance, but she still looks good.  You have a brief conversation to eliminate keywords such as: crazy, boyfriend, transsexual, and married.  None of which are enough to determine a person’s true character, but none of mattered. What mattered is that she is attractive by your standards and she could hold some sort of  conversation which came second to being attractive. As I’m going to get into next, the guy only got that far also because of his looks.

Ladies, metaphorically speaking when a guy knocks at your door you look through the peephole and say “well he doesn’t look like the creature from the black lagoon so I can put away my damn your busted facial expression.” He passed the first test which was based on looks alone. Next you unlock the door to see what he wants, but you leave the chain on to be safe. You perform a quick verbal proficiency test to make sure he doesn’t say “Yo shawty, lemme gitcha number.” He passed this test as well, so you take the chain off and allow him to try his best at holding a conversation. Although he may mess this part up and ruin his chances, what allowed him to get this far were his looks. Assuming everything went well on both ends we move on to the second encounter.

Now here is this person you met at church. Ok sorry, now here is this person you met at the club, then ran into them at church the next morning. The very first time you saw the person you may have had two or three drinks or maybe you don’t drink, but it was dark inside so you are concerned your eyes may have deceived you. You are now seeing the person for the first time in a normal setting. What is the first thought that comes to your mind?  A.) Thank goodness, I wasn’t delusional he/she really is attractive.  Or B.) You know, I really think he/she might be a great person.

-Vic Louis
p.s.  Hope you all enjoyed my first week here. Have a good weekend, be safe and all that good stuff.


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  1. Inquiring M.

    Who can argue with this… argument(?)- duh well *sigh*

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