Love of my life

I still remember the first day I saw Destiny, it was 3 years ago. It’s like the world stopped moving and all the sounds faded out. I must have stared at her for a while with my mouth wide open, tongue hanging out. My good friend was with me that day. He had the same shimmer in his eye, but he already had one to go home too. I thought she was out of my league at first, but I had to go after her.  She has the sexiest eyes. Her skin is flawless, without a scar and no blemishes. Shines as if rubbed in the finest oils.  I wanted to wrap my arms around, but I couldn’t since she wasn’t mine.  She is now and I couldn’t be happier.

I was hesitant, but I had to put her through a few tests to make sure she was right for me. To no surprise she passed with flying colors. Sometimes she gives me problems, but it’s nothing that can’t be fixed. Plenty other girls pass by and although they too are sexy, I’m more than happy with the one I got. Some of my friends and family think I spend too much money on her and maybe I do. However, she is worth every penny.

I get butterflies when I’m going to meet her. As soon as I see her she makes me smile and I feel complete. She looks so sexy when she’s wet and I just love the way she purrs when I turn her on.  Looks good in any color but I love her the most in blue. I knew she would be in my life for a very long time. She’s very good to me and I thank for that. Like everyone we have hit some small road bumps, but at the end of the day she is always there for me.

As much as I love Destiny, I can’t forget about my first. She wasn’t as perfect nor was she as beautiful, but she was truly unforgettable. I saw her for the first time outside of a diner before my 18th birthday. I was young then, but the feelings were just as deep. I learned a lot from her. She too had problems, some we worked out right away and others took a little bit longer. She had a little bounce when she in motion, I smile now thinking about it. We weren’t together for very long unfortunately. Her health got the best of her and she died after 3 great months. It took me several months recover. With school and everything it was difficult to adjust, but I did.  Once I was ready I replaced her with an older but nicer car. Like I said, she was my first. I’ll never forget my ’92 Plymouth Sundance.

-Vic Louis



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6 responses to “Love of my life

  1. HAHAHAHA you had me going for a minuet!

  2. I’m so done with you men! My boyfriend cheats on me with his Macbook. smh

  3. Inquiring M.

    LOL! Awww too soon, too soon. I just dropped a nice little penny on my love this weekend. That muthafucka right there *sigh* but he does have great “D” though… DRIVE fool- get your mind out the gutter. lol

  4. MJ

    WOW… men and their cars…. if only they put this much effort into relationships with PPL!!!! lol

  5. sunkissed404

    You know what…??lol I was so affected when u said “she died”, then I realized you were talking about your car engine…. Smh
    Nice work, tho…

  6. Simplicity

    Good one….

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