Get out my car please

Recently a good friend called me because she had a flat tire and wanted some guidance. I felt bad because other than some verbal support there was nothing I could do. I was at work, which is about 25 miles away. Although she’s fully capable of changing a tire, as many other women are, the thought doesn’t sit too comfortable with me. Especially a woman wearing a dress and high heels. Maybe I’m old fashion, but I feel like I should be helping in that situation. However, you should all know how to change a tire, just in case you’re stuck somewhere that looks like it would be a scene in Friday the 13th. Anyhow, the problem was easily fixed, but as always the situation jogged my brain and made me think about all the times I had a flat tire. Then I remembered this wonderful experience.

It was 3 am and I just finished dropping everyone home after coming from the club. Well almost everybody. The last girl in the car, who I barely knew, wanted to get some food. I knew the chances of finding an open spot close by were pretty slim, but I tried anyways.  Suddenly I heard a pop and the passenger side of the car immediately dropped. The tire was completely flat. A major inconvenience at this time of day, but not a big deal. I went through Olympic training to handle moments like that. Now I was taught that there shouldn’t be anybody in the car when you’re jacking it up, it’s just not safe. It was summer so it was nice out. It wasn’t raining, we weren’t on the highway, nor was she pregnant. It was perfectly safe for my passenger to get out, so with her safety in mind I politely asked her get out. Ok fine, I did it for the sake of the car as well. Without even looking at me, she said “No.” I honestly can’t tell you what I said to her, it probably wasn’t nice since I don’t remember. Eventually I moved on, had no time to waste.

Not that I’m a juggernaut, but she was practically a stick figure. No way could she have weighed more than 100 lbs. Since the flat tire was on the driver side I figured it wouldn’t be a problem. I did what I was taught. Loosened the bolts, jacked the car up and got to ready to finish taking the tire off. Before I continued to do the task at hand, I paused. I couldn’t believe it. I jacked up the wrong side of the car. Frustrated, I quickly put everything back together and dropped the car back down. It was late, I was young and just left the club, there was a reason why I made that mistake. I’ll let your imaginations run wild.

Even more frustrated now, I walked back around to the passenger side. I figured this could be more unsafe then jacking up the opposite side, so I asked her again. No surprise, but she continued to be stubborn. We argued and I realized she wasn’t the brightest person in the world. My only option to get her out the car would be to pull her out by the ear like the child she was acting like. I couldn’t do that of course, so I said forget it. Took my keys, flagged down a cab and just her left there in the raised vehicle. No, I’m kidding I didn’t do that either, but looking back at it maybe I should have. I guarantee if ever in a similar situation, she would get out the car.

– Vic Louis
p.s. Sorry for the late post, had meetings all morning.



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4 responses to “Get out my car please

  1. Best Buddy

    Hahaha I can just picture your face with that girl in the car

  2. bubblez410

    Here is what I think about women knowing how to change a tire…. AAA. There is no way I would change a tire in the middle of no where.. I would prefer to stay inside my car until the AAA guy shows up to change my tire. 🙂

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