5 things I love on a woman

Hope you’re all well this morning. Busy day so I have to get straight to the point unfortunately. I didn’t take a poll, but I’m sure at least one other guy out there will share my 28 cents on this. 5 things I love on a woman:

High Heels
Enough said – well assuming you can walk in them that is. 1. They look hot on almost every woman. 2. Some of you, they change the way you walk – good stuff! While we’re in the general region, instead of making a separate section for it, I want to add ankle bracelet. Not plural, just one on one ankle only = sexy.

Skinny Jeans
I admit I live in a box when it comes to women clothing, hair styles, and etc. I thought jeans were just jeans, didn’t know the ones I really liked to see on a woman had a name – Skinny Jeans. Which is an odd name since the women they look best on aren’t really skinny. Absolute sexy.  Ginuwine (however you spell it) obviously knows what I’m talking about since he wrote a song about it before I got a chance to.

Perfume Shadows
A nice smelling perfume or body spray always catches my attention. I call it perfume shadows because when a good smelling woman walks by, she leaves a trail of her sweet scent as if being followed by her perfume. Love it.

The thin ones. The ones that take 18hrs of your day to get done. I’m sorry you go through this, but I appreciate the effort because the outcome  is great. Add some highlight that goes with your skin tone and I’m sold.

“I’m about my business” dress
There’s just something about a woman in business attire that gets me. Not just a suit that basically makes you look like a woman wearing a suit. Something that compliments your body. Compliments your body, but leaves the rest to the imagination. I don’t mean business slutty. Something sexy but professional.

Bonus (yes, I add up points)
Tattoos. I don’t mean a tattoo of 2 guns with the words “thug life” in script font underneath. Don’t mean a huge heart on the arm with a sword cutting it in half or anything like that. Although it’s fine if that’s your thing, but I mean something nice and simple. The right tattoo on the right spot, can be very sexy in my opinion. Favorite locations: upper back, side, and legs.

– Vic Louis



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2 responses to “5 things I love on a woman

  1. sunkissed404

    Microbraids dude??!! lol I used to love to get microbraids. At some point, I just got tired of having a numb a– trying to get em! In Atlanta, guys began to think that girls that always had micros were bald underneath. I got away from those quick!!

    Skinny jeans!! Hey, I’m kinda skinny…not fair 😦 lol

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