My Achilles Heel

For the first time in years I decided to stay home and relax on the fourth of July. I chose not to partake in the normal annual crazy adventures. Instead I closed my sun-blocking curtains, turned the air conditioner on, and watched movies. I could do that all day long and have enough dvds to support the addiction. Besides for just entertainment purposes, watching a movie always provokes some thought. Among the films that I was glued to were Last Samurai and Troy. Although the common theme of the two is ancient war, my mind went in a completely different direction. Each film has a different element that goes deeper than just the action scenes.

Last Samurai made me think about discipline, which certainly isn’t something I have enough of to give away. Just to be clear I don’t mean discipline as in following rules. I mean following a regimen or sticking to a plan. For a while now I have been fascinated by the samurai way of life. As a result I have browsed through a couple of books and several articles. From those as well as the movie, I learned the samurai were very disciplined which is what I admire about them. Well I admire the decapitating skills as well, but that isn’t very useful in my day-to-day life. Every day they trained and were instructed to become better at something. Unfortunately there isn’t a samurai school down the street so before popping in Troy I thought of this question for you all. If you are lacking discipline, how do you gain it?

What I took away from watching Troy is that women cause wars (kidding). Actually only three minutes into the movie I had a revelation.  The most significant thought that I took away from the day is this – I am my own Achilles heel. My only weaknesses are my own fears and inhibitions. Only my inhibitions can hold me back and only my fears can prevent me from moving forward. Sure there are plenty of obstacles along the way as well, but obstacles are meant to be climbed over. They are just a form of mental training and conditioning. The good news is that this isn’t Troy. My mind and heart are too strong to be conquered.

-Vic Louis


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  1. Perfectly Imperfect

    Nice fresh way to look at movies and reflect on life. A calm self productive day is always better than a socially drunk one.

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