Is that what it looks like?

I don’t know why I put myself into these situations, but I was traumatized yet again the other week. I haven’t been to the Museum of Science since I was 12-years-old maybe. I have been wanting to check it out for while and last week I finally got the chance to. After watching the Dinosaurs 3D presentation I stumbled into the Birth exhibit. This would soon turn into the one the times in my life I wish never happened.

Other than the statue of a naked woman holding up a child I didn’t think anything stranger than that could possibly be on display. There were children walking around all over the place, how graphic could it get? I noticed a group of people were in a circular booth watching a movie. Like a fool I decided to watch too. The small sign on the booth said “Child Birth,” or something to that effect. When I was watching the Dinosaurs in 3D there was warning across the screen saying that it may get a little intense. There was no warning for this, however.

The woman on the screen was obviously in labor. I knew what was going to happen, however, I didn’t know how much they were going to show. Maybe I’m naive, but I figured it would be just like how they show it on tv. Again, there were children around! Suddenly the camera zoomed in on the woman’s privates, something I didn’t really want to see. It was like a porno, but made to punish viewers not entertain. My brain started sending signals to my legs for them to start moving, but they weren’t responding. Her lips opened up and a head starting coming out. All I could think about was the Aliens trilogy and the little baby aliens coming out of the humans. My jaw dropped to the floor as my eyes continued to watch. Along with the oddly shaped head came out some brown liquid.  They pulled the rest of the slimy  baby out and the video stopped. Everyone left with smiles on their faces. Everyone except for me that it. I just stood there unable to move or speak.

I’m happy to say I was introduced to this world by way of c-section. Otherwise, I don’t think I’d ever be able to look at my mother the same again after watching that video. Going forward I would like to put it out there, that I refuse, absolutely refuse to have a doctor’s view of when my children are born. Call me silly, but it’s not happening. Kids are cute, great and all. On the other hand, whoever said it’s a beautiful to watch your child being born was heavily medicated or using illegal substances. I’ve heard that mushrooms are pretty powerful.

-Vic Louis
p.s. Someone told me I should blog about Lebron James. Not much to say about it. I never met the guy and honestly don’t care what team he plays for. I think all the publicity just to announce what team you’re going to is stupid, however, all the proceeds were supposed to go to a charity so it’s a good thing at the end of the day. I think watching him and Wade play together will be interesting. They still have to work hard like every other team to win, a championship isn’t guaranteed.



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7 responses to “Is that what it looks like?

  1. Inquiring M.

    Oh so you have a traumatic experience and then TRAUMATIZE your readers… niiiiicccceee! *heeeeeeeve*

    P.S. “the proceeds were supposed to go to a charity” – yeah right!

    good post. lol

  2. Best Buddy

    Haha at least you only have to see it, women actually have to experience all that but great post 🙂

  3. ESA

    No normal personal would think a strangers privates or slimy baby is fun to watch lol.. But I think when its your child and your woman, it’ll be a different experience. You’ll see past the sliminess and alien features. The beauty is in the amazement of thinking ‘wow, I had a part in creating this human’…hurry up and impregnate ur woman so u can know the truth! Lol

    • Well when that time comes I definitely won’t have a doctor’s view of what’s going on. Plus I can’t see the beauty in something if I’m passed out on the floor.

      Lol… I’m all set with the truth for now, thanks.

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