All Tatted Up

All tatted up like Weezy. I’m not, but so what if I was? Does it change who I am? Would my tattoos come to life and force me to commit crimes? Would it be any indication of where I’ve been or where I’m going? If you answered Yes to any of these then I invite you to take a free trip to planet Earth, I think you’ll like it here.

This has been on my mind for a while and I’m finally getting a chance to write about it. I was at a bar a few months ago and this guy came up to the counter. As you probably guessed he was covered with tattoos. He politely asked the bartender for a beer, smiled, paid, and went about his business. I don’t know the man so as I write this he could very well be at home plotting to take over the world. From the little I saw he seemed like a respectable individual. As soon as he walked away the two gossip queens on my right, we’ll call them Dumb and Ignorant, began ranting and raving. You would think they raised him from birth the way they went at him. To make a long story short, Dumb and Ignorant’s conclusion was that the man is a criminal. An ugly criminal based off the only fact they knew about him, he has tattoos. Like I said, I don’t know the man nor am I a member of the Tattoo Pride committee so I didn’t feel the need to defend him. That and I was once told not to argue with stupid people. It didn’t bother me at the time, however, the next morning and still today (months later) it annoys me. Where do people who I’m sure have plenty of their own faults to work on, find the time to judge people? Especially over tattoos, which is ink inserted into a layer of skin. Just like clothes, tattoos don’t make the man.

Personally, I’m a big fan of tattoos. I think the right tattoo, in the right location can be very sexy on a woman and cool on a guy. I think some people have the dumbest tattoos in the world. I also think some professional athletes and music artists have one too many. However, outside of my own thoughts none of that matters. It’s just my opinion. I’m entitled to have one and so are you. We’re also entitled to voice and discuss our opinions. However, we are not entitled to judge nor force our opinions onto others. As I’ve probably mentioned before, I can not stand when people confuse facts with their opinions. Just to clarify:
1. Ink is used in tattoos – Fact
2. Everyone with a tattoo  has served time – Fiction
3. Tattoos are ugly – Opinion

I hate to break it to you (those of you that think all people with tattoos are criminals), but you’d be surprised about the kind of people around you that have been stabbed with ink.  In the near future chances are your doctor, day care provider, child’s teacher, the milkman, lawyer and etc will have at least one tattoo. I say near future, but for some of you it’s probably already the case.

I hear a few reasons why people shouldn’t get tattoos. One common reason is that you’ll regret it when you’re older because tattoos don’t look so great on wrinkly skin. That may be true, however, I’ve never been 70 and if you’re reading this neither have you most likely. So neither of us can say for sure what we will regret when we’re older. I’m thinking that when I’m 70-years-old, the appearance of my tattoos will be the least of my problems and concerns. Regardless, “Make my own decisions. That’s my prerogative”. I can’t believe I just quoted Bobby Brown.

My favorite reason is that the Bible says not to get tattoos. I could make several simple points, but I’ll just leave you with three:
1. Please read the entire Bible before you say such things. You will find many things in there that you do not follow.
2. Some of you who preach this have no idea which book or testament the Bible actually makes reference to this in.
3. I don’t know about your Bible, but mine definitely says not to judge others. In more than one place.

-Vic Louis



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5 responses to “All Tatted Up

  1. bubblez410

    AMEN!!!! Tattoos are a form of expression just like anything else, it expresses individuality, although some I have to say are just terrible. I for one am a fan, I love tattoos although I have none, if I would get the courage I would definitely get one. Also, it’s funny how people judge yet when other’s judge them they get offended. People are so judgemental, they need to focus on living their owns lives as opposed to trying to live others lives.

  2. best buddy

    Hehehe I can tell you where and people should definitely not be judged by their tattoos because you never know who you are offending

  3. I abhor tattoos on skin. NOT the people who wear them nor even the tattoos themselves but just ink on skin. I’ve seen plenty cool, amazing, wondrous artwork in the form of body art but it’s just not my thing. To each his own.

    • “I abhor tattoos on skin. NOT the people who wear them nor even the tattoos themselves but just ink on skin”

      And that’s perfectly fine. I have no argument or problem with that. Unfortunately not every is open-minded enough to see it like that.

  4. Perfectly Imperfect

    We still have milkman around?…thats what she said lol 😛

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