Teach ’em While They are Young

Last Friday I was going to the gym with my cousin. Two women were about to walk out as we were about to walk in. Naturally I held the door open for them. I watched as the lead woman opted to go to the other door. She put her hand on it and then stopped. I was thinking I can’t believe she is going to ignore the fact that I’m holding the door for her. She looked at me, shifted directions and came to the door that I was holding, then again changed directions. Finally she made up her mind and chose my doorway. She smiled, laughed, looked me dead in the eyes and said “Thank you so much, oh my God I wasn’t sure, no one holds doors anymore. Thank you.” Her friend looked away and mumbled thanks to me.

As we walked away in reference to my post Here Lies Chivalry my cousin said “I guess chivalry isn’t dead.”
“Yea it lives in me, but it’s a damn shame she was confused about me holding the door.”

It bugged me for a couple of minutes then I forgot about it. Focused on my workout. However, later that night the thought came back. Not that looks matter when chivalry is in involved, but she was very attractive. I would think that some one would have held a door for her in her lifetime, at least for brownie points if nothing else. That was definitely a bad sign. Then I started thinking about what mattered most.

See my mini-me (nephew) turned 7 last week. I started thinking about the fact that I need to teach him these things. Teach ’em while they’re young. I don’t care if by the time he’s my age if he’s the only man left that holds doors and etc. Still going to teach him.

Since I knew I would be with him during the weekend my plan was to have a chat with him about it and make sure he executed it. The chat never happened, but I still worked on the execution. Figured I would at least see what I was working with. We got to the mall and after parking we started to walk to the doors. There was a woman around so the timing was perfect. I whispered to him to go open the door for her. My heart filled with joy and excitement as I watched him run to the door. I thought to myself I have a future gentleman in the making. He struggled a little bit since the door is somewhat heavy. He put some muscle it and finally the moment we’ve been waiting for. He opened the door wide enough just to let himself in. He slipped through and never looked back. He doesn’t quite have it down yet, but it’s a work in progress.

– Vic Louis



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5 responses to “Teach ’em While They are Young

  1. Inquiring M.

    Oh my Gawd! That is the funniest sh*t ever… so cute!- smh lil boys are hilarious! I have a “mini-me” as well… actually now she’s like a smedium me… my niece will be 12(ugh!) in August. And while I don’t remember any extra cute chivalry stories at the moment to tell I will say the job of an aunt/uncle is tireless… I still cringe when she sits with her legs open and have to swat at her like bee to get her to remember how ladies sit, but I have faith it will stick at some point (fingers-crossed) SOON! lol Keep it up Vic!

  2. bubblez410

    This story is Priceless! lol here I thought that the little man was going to hold the door open..hahaha.. 🙂

  3. stonemountainkid

    wow my dude

  4. Perfectly Imperfect

    aw too cute, I def got got on this one. Thought he was going to open it and the lady say something cute to him and you bag her number lol.

  5. Love this. So unpredictable. Keep working on him. He may get there. Or not.

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