About My Trips to P.R.

It’s been a long time coming for me to discuss my frequent visits.  Unfortunately I don’t mean Puerto Rico, though I’d love to visit there. Well if it counts I’ve been to their airport several times, just never made it to the exit doors. Anyways by P.R. I mean public restrooms.  9 out of 10 times it’s guaranteed to be a frustrating and or strange experience. Below is a quick list of things I seem to have to deal with weekly. Don’t run away, I’ll spare you the appetite-losing details.

The weird…
Cell phone use

If you want to send a text that’s your own business and can be done in silence. I can handle to sound of keypad tapping. Having phone conversations are another thing. Why answer the phone if you’re in a stall? Why answer the phone if you’re in a stall in a public restroom? My favorite is the guy who while clearly sitting on the toilet answered his cell phone and said “I’ll be right there, I’m just finishing something up.”  Come on, really?

Reading material
There’s one guy who likes to print sport articles to keep himself entertained I suppose. I wouldn’t do it, but hey whatever works. The thing that gets me is that he leaves the articles behind every time. Why? Is he leaving it behind for the next patron? How considerate of him, what a great guy. Thanks, but no thanks. I’m definitely not picking that up to read it. “I don’t know where your hands have been” just doesn’t say enough in this situation.

The gross…
I understand we have motion detector flushing systems, but is it really that hard to make sure it all went down? I like surprises as much as the next guy, but I’ll pass on the poolside surprise. Again thanks, but no thanks I’m easily traumatized.

Target practice
Restrooms open to the all ages at locations such as the mall are one thing. I’m talking about the restrooms at my workplace. Unless you’re an intern you have to be at least 22 since there’s a lot of hiring right out of college. No little boys here, only adults. That being said, it is beyond my comprehension why I find urine on the toilet seats. I don’t mean one or two little drops. Sometimes it looks someone was trying to write an upside down “U.”

Personally I wouldn’t take a cup that I’m drinking out of, walk into my own private bathroom, then leave and continue drinking out of it. Therefore it sickens me when I see people bring their cups into a p.r. and continue to drink out of it. Know what kind of particles fell into your cup or soiled your straw?

There’s more of course, but I promised I wouldn’t make you lose your lunch. Before I go I do have a question for you ladies since I’ve never experienced this myself. Why in the world is there a couch in the women’s restroom? Do you just sit down and read a magazine or talk about men while other women are sitting or squatting over toilet seats? <insert disturbed facial expression here>

– Vic Louis
p.s. I watched a group of construction workers cross a highway. Crossed with no type of preventative measure that would protect them from getting run over. Not the brightest idea, but whatever the chicken had to cross the road for some reason and so did they. One of the workers dropped his hat (not his hard hat) and didn’t realize it until after he made it safely to the other side. What really boggled my mind was that he ran back to the middle lane of a notoriously busy highway just to pick it up and ran back. Some may call him fearless, however, I call him foolish. That damn hat better have been worth millions.

Have  fun and safe weekend.



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6 responses to “About My Trips to P.R.

  1. bubblez410

    To answer your question about the couch, that’s easy…. girls always go the the bathroom in groups, or at least 2 at a time. So the couch is there so that the girls that don’t need to use the restrooms can have a seat and chat while they wait for the other girls.
    As for bringing your mug/cup into the bathroom at work/public restroom, that grosses me out and I see it at work also which turns my stomach to say the least.

    • Makes sense I guess. However, going to the bathroom in groups of 20 is still odd if you ask me. That’s why there’s always a line for the ladies room. 🙂

  2. I talk on the phone in the PR often enough. especially the airport and my job–at least at my current job we have single person restrooms so no one knows, lol. I know its weird and a faux pas. I always wash my hands and I wipe down my phones. I’m sure I get plenty side eyes for it.

    the only time I’ve taken a cup into my OWN personal bathroom is if I’m in that mug curling my hair–it gets hot in there after awhile sometimes. its really better to just do my hair in front of my mirror in the bedroom but sometimes I don’t feel like moving the flat irons–I’m lazy. Cups in PR are kinda strange (read: gross) to me.

    • Lol, tmi Reecie. Well ok, that’s a little different. It’s accessible to the general public, but only allows for one person at a time so it’s semi-private.

      Hopefully you aren’t that loud that the person waiting to go next can hear you…?

  3. Inquiring M.

    Oh MY GOODNESS! This is how I like to spend my Fridays… reading this complete foolishness. HeeeLarious! “I’ll be right there, I’m just finishing something up.” Dat right dher… I wanted to die, actually I did and this is my ghost writing to you.

    You have a good one too… great post bruh

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