Award Winning Psycho

Not sure what made me remember this story, but here it is. Back in the days of all my college partying there was a girl I used to run into often. She was petite, a little shorter than me and wore a short hairstyle. She wasn’t the prettiest girl I’ve ever seen, but she was still attractive. I usually danced with her at every party and it seemed like there was a little vibe. For some reason I wasn’t in a rush to get her number like I normally would have tried to do back then. After several parties and nearing the end of my college days I finally decided to ask her number.  We talked a couple of times and she seemed cool, but there was nothing really there so the communication faded away. Didn’t bother me one bit. I was down to earth and knew not every girl I met would become a significant person in my life.

Even after I left the college parties behind and moved onto clubs only I still ran into her every once in a while. Not every time but sometimes we danced with each other and at the least we always exchanged a simple “Hey, how are you?” and left it at. No phone calls, no googly eyes, no eye sex, no nothing. That being said I have no explanation for the events that took place one day. Hopefully someone can read this and break it down for  me because years later, I still don’t get it.

I was at a very small get together at a friend’s house. There was a girl there that I met once before and I found out that night that was she into me. We talked, flirted, and etc. Things were going well. Well enough that I knew I’d be spending most of the night talking to her. A couple of hours passed and another old friend of mine walked in. Trailing behind him was the girl from the college parties, we’ll just call her Robin (don’t ask, it’s the first name that came to mind). Anyways, I know the world is a small place, but at this point I felt like it was just closing in on me. By this time I hadn’t seen Robin for about 2 years maybe. I figured it would just be another “Hey, how are you?” and nothing more. So I asked just that, expressed how the world was small and asked how she knew my friend. We parted ways and I continued to talk, flirt, and etc. with the new girl. However, we couldn’t do so comfortably because Robin spent most of the night staring at us from the other side of the room (it was a pretty small room). Even made a few attempts to interrupt. She was basically acting like a jealous ex-girlfriend. Someone who realized what she lost and didn’t want anyone else to have it. However, that’s impossible because we didn’t talk long enough for her to even know what I was about. I had a few drinks in me so at the time I found it more comical than psychotic.

At the end of the night I was hugging a female friend goodbye and Robin approached us. She stopped about 6 ft away and gave my friend a dirty look and then waited until she left before approaching me. She was acting more flirtatious than I’ve ever seen her. She wanted to exchange numbers, so we did just that. Here’s where I’m really confused. I spoke to her only once after that night and she had absolutely nothing to say. Didn’t even show much interest in me. Can someone please explain to me what the point of all that was? I have my own theories, but none of them are nice (see title).

-Vic Louis



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4 responses to “Award Winning Psycho

  1. My guess is she had a few too many cocktails and let her competitive spirit take over. Maybe you were looking particularly irresistible that night, maybe she was lacking in other male attention, or maybe she had a longstanding rivalry with the other girl in the equation. Funny how a guy becomes more attractive when another woman wants him. : )

  2. Inquiring M.

    @Pamela… that is weird how men get hella cute when they are with another chik. I tell my homeboys this all the time…

    Anyway, I don’t get that sh!t either. Ever think to call her and ask her “wtf was that about?” *shrug*… i’m just saying- would that be taboo?

  3. @ Pamela & @ Inquiring M.
    So you both are saying that I’m unattractive without a girl on my arm? Gee thanks (kidding). Thanks for commenting.

    @ Inquiring mind… eh there’s no point in finding out now. Plus I deleted that number ages ago.

  4. “If I can’t have you NO ONE CAN at least while we’re in public and you’re flirting with a hotter woman than me and not paying me any attention even though nothing about my personality can redeem me ” (aka Award Winning Psycho)

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