Speaking of P.R.

Don’t worry, this time I do mean Puerto Rico. In Friday’s post I mentioned that I’ve been the airport in Puerto Rico several times, but never stepped outside unfortunately. Last night while I was brushing my teeth I remembered that a great piece of history happened on one the flights from Puerto Rico back home to Boston. That day since I couldn’t go outside and meet women girls (I’ll clear this up momentarily), I took advantage of what I had on the plane. The opportunist in me came alive. And so did my game.

It was the summer of ’96 so I was 14 or a couple of months away from it. My family and I were coming back from Haiti. We had to stop in Puerto Rico to change planes. I looked around and saw nothing but beautiful women. If all that was in this airport I wondered what it would be like outside. I wouldn’t be finding the answer to that so I sat my butt down and enjoyed what I could. While we were boarding I spotted a beautiful young lady. I made a mental note of the area she was seated in. I took my seat and waited for the regular pre-flight song and dance to finish. Waited patiently for the plane to climb to its level. Finally the seat belt sign turned off and off I went.

I made my way to the area I saw her sitting. This was one of the huge planes with the 2 seats, aisle, 3 seats, another aisle, and then 2 seats. Fortunately for me she had aisle seat otherwise it would have been a difficult task. I found her still seated so I kneeled down and said,

She smiled and replied “No hablo ingles.”
I was excited. A year of Spanish class under my belt and I was ready to use it. Watch out.

“Ah, como estas?” I smoothly asked. This conversation involved a lot of head nodding on my part, because I had no idea what she was saying. Don’t you worry though, I had the important lines down.

I said,”Tu es muy bonita.”  She smiled and seemed to enjoy what I was saying. Either that or she was laughing at my poor accent. Regardless I had to seal the deal. It was only a matter of time before someone realized I didn’t really go to the bathroom. That and I’d soon run out of lines in Spanish. The longer the conversation lasted, the more I’d embarrass myself.

“Cual es tu numero?” I blurted out, fully aware that wasn’t the best way to say it.  She gave me her number in Spanish and I grinned harder as she gave me each digit. I knew my numbers and Spanish class was proving to be useful. I think she said something about staying at her uncle’s house. I came to that conclusion simply because she said uncle in Spanish.

When I got back home, I called her the next day. Someone answered, so I asked for her. Then the man broke out with some stuff I just wasn’t ready for. I hung up on him because 8th grade Spanish class had only taught me so much. That was the last time I dialed that number, I was too scared to try again. I was still proud of myself for getting the digits.

Vic’s translation of phrases (these aren’t actual translations):
“No hablo ingles.”                      – I don’t speak English dude.
“Como estas?”                             – How you doin’?
“Tu es muy bonita”                  – Damn, you’re cute.
“Cual es tu numero?”               – Can I get your number?

There isn’t anything profound to take away from this, but I find it funny. Reason being I was able to pull that off at 13 -14, however, chances are I wouldn’t try that as an adult.

  • In flight unless I need to use the restroom, I refuse to get out of my seat for any reason.
  • I can’t remember the last time I’ve been on a plane with 2 aisles. I’d most likely get run over  by a snack cart.
  • This day an age if I got out of my seat, approached a stranger and kneeled down beside her I’d most likely get tackled by a sky marshal.
  • I now have 5 years of Spanish classes under my belt, but that was 10 years ago. You won’t catch me making a fool of myself trying to speak.

– Vic Louis



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5 responses to “Speaking of P.R.

  1. Inquiring M.

    That’s funny… over the weekend I had a conversation with a homegirl who was STRESSED because she’s got these lil interns (13-15 age group) hitting on her on the regular and it’s freaking her out… mostly because they are so BOLD like offering to take her to lunch O_o and dinner O_O, calling her they “wifey” and isht. We automatically thought “kids are just getting worse and worse”, but you’ve proved us wrong… kids now are as bold’n’brazen as they’ve always been- lol

  2. bubblez410

    Wow!! Interesting post, but I have to say that even though you probably can’t speak Spanish or so you say, I am sure that you can still pick up on a conversation that is in Spanish..
    My theory is probably accurate because I took French for four years and I still can pick up things here and there when I hear people talk in French. So I am sure people have to watch out with you..lol

  3. Scrappy

    That is def funny. I was scared to talk to girls until age 17 lolz!

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