I Almost Lost It

I was performing my usual morning rituals and everything was going smoothly. I was on schedule, I wasn’t tired nor was I hungry. Not something I can say every morning. The weather was predicted to be 90 with very little humidity. A beautiful day ahead I thought. However, there was another plan in store for me.

Unexpectedly I felt a fire in my right eye. The pain was unbearable. Everything went dark. Although it was only one eye that had been compromised I was forced to close both.  As usual I was alone with no one to help me. I was trapped in a small dark room, no one would be able to hear my screams, my cries for help.

My heart was racing. The fire grew stronger. I wanted to claw my eye out of the socket. I paced frantically while thinking of a solution. There was nothing, absolutely no method to save myself from impending doom. If I didn’t do something to save myself I would soon be known as “the one-eyed blogger.”

Unfortunately there was no way I would seek help without causing myself further mental and physical harm. I was standing there blind, cold, wet, and naked. The embarrassment would be too shameful.  I had no choice, but to stand there and wait. Stand there while I waited for the pain to reside.

Sure I’m a little dramatic, but I hate when soap gets in my eye. It still burned hours later.

– Vic Louis
p.s. A friend of mine thinks I have road rage, but I disagree. I think it’s perfectly normal for me to lay the stare down on someone after they commit vehicular stupidity. I also think it’s healthy for me to call my fellow motorists “hookers and punk b*tches.” It’s therapy for the soul. You try driving in Boston.

If you didn’t see the previous post, don’t forget to check out the “About Vic Louis” page. I added some stuff there.



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6 responses to “I Almost Lost It

  1. TheBubblyBlackGirl

    I’m just open mouthed shocked right now. For a second, I began to feel sorry for you. You were the epitomy of why peope shouldn’t be alone.

    But now I just hope you get more soap in your eye. And preferably the yellow bar of Dial!

  2. Inquiring M.

    LOL… Eww so I’m so used to your tomfoolery already that I knew you were gonna end this with something ridiculous… but *confession time* so… a while back me and my cousins were talmbout something and “morning rituals” came into the conversation… and let’s just say it was ALONG THE LINES of P.R (not the island-hahahaha) and that’s what immediately came to mind, THEN when you said something got in your eye and burned… UGHHHHHHHHHHHHH! lol

  3. bubblez410

    Omg! I defintely like the just for fun blogs…the descriptions are great and I have to say that my favorite part of the blogs are getting to the end and seeing what caused all the commotion in the first place.. It’s like the suspense builds and then you gotta laugh at the outcome…lol

  4. Very interesting article, thanks. Keep up the good work.

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