Sentimental Mood

Not that I know a bunch, but one of my favorite jazz compositions is In a Sentimental Mood. For those of you who aren’t hip to jazz it was composed by Duke Ellington. The best known version is by Ellington and Coltrane. If you don’t know who they are, well they’re the sh*t. They are like the Jay-Z of Biggie of jazz. I don’t know if that’s a good comparison, but you get the point. Anyways, I don’t know if this is true but I read somewhere that he composed it at a party while his friend was having a little lover’s quarrel with two women. He played it to calm everyone down. While it doesn’t make me think of two women fighting, the title is beyond appropriate. Whenever I listen to it, I definitely find myself in a sentimental mood. Here’s what I think about when I hear it, but first play the song and listen to it while you continue reading…

  • I guess I’m a pessimist, because I see my bottle of Black Label as half empty.
  • To a certain girl. May a tornado be present on your wedding day.
  • I miss the Cosby Show.
  • Loves Jones is a pretty good movie.
  • My family is great. Can’t live without them.
  • To the English teacher that called me superficial. I make more money than you do. How’s that for superficial?
  • To an old boss that believes anyone who doesn’t drive a benz is beneath her. I hope you get struck by a car. A benz to be exact. Karma is a bitch.
  • To a girl I wasted time chasing in high school. I saw you recently. I didn’t say hi because you look like prostitute and I didn’t want to be involved in a sting operation.
  • To any and everyone that loves me. I love you too.
  • To anyone that dislikes me for no good reason. Like Mooj said in 40 Year Old Virgin, “Go f*ck a goat!”
  • To anyone that dislikes because I have wronged them. My apologies.
  • To any women that have wronged me. I hope you get crabs. Been there done that? Well, I’m glad things didn’t work out between us.
  • The world would be a better place if racist people from any and all races drowned themselves. Yea I said it.
  • This just in. To passengers that like to put their bare feet up against car windows, please wash them first. No one wants to see your dirty feet (You’re welcome Y., lol hope that helps).

Remember – You aren’t supposed to say mean things, but it’s okay if you have beautiful music playing in the background.

– Vic Louis



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5 responses to “Sentimental Mood

  1. Best buddy

    Haha and yup it is a nice song

  2. Inquiring M.

    Uh “it’s okay if you have beautiful music playing in the background” #FAIL… I can’t play this link at work #personalproblem

    “To the English teacher that called me superficial. I make more money than you do. How’s that for superficial?”
    LOL I think you just proved her right… #ironymuch

  3. perfectly imperfect

    Yes !! it is PERFECT and the music totally makes speaking not so nice thoughts awesome. Even better is picturing someone say these mean things in a romantic seductive voice…..totally throws one off wack lol

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