It Can Be the End of Me

Stress that is. Stress kills they say. I’ll spare you the medical reasoning behind that, but it can also have some other less fatal symptoms. It can cause a loss of interest in sex (which is a killer alone), headaches, loss of appetite or the complete opposite, overeating. Most commonly for me at least, it can cause insomnia and fatigue. You’re probably wondering why I’m even talking about stress, right?

The reason is that I’ve been pretty stressed out lately. I have lots of concerns on my mind. It’s been causing me to lose sleep all week long (this new phone I got, the Droid Incredible, isn’t helping either). Maybe even longer than that. I sense there’s also been a loss of productivity this week because of it. Nothing to cry over though. It will pass, however, this morning I face a new problem.

I have a decision I need to make right now. Some say that stress doesn’t exist. Some say that’s why there is no cure for it, because it doesn’t exist. It’s not real, it is all in our minds. However, none of that matters right here, right now. The cause for stress this morning is very important. I need to figure out what choice to make before I starve.

What should I have for breakfast? Omelet or pancakes?

– Vic Louis
Quick post. Today is my last day in the office. Well for the week I mean (I’m sorry to rub it in).  Since I won’t be in, I have a lot of work to finish before the weekend. I’m off from work, not blogging.  So there will be a post tomorrow as usual. Enjoy your day people.



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4 responses to “It Can Be the End of Me

  1. Inquiring M.

    You’re stressed about breakfast? Fool if don’t pick something and shut up about it already! lol

    Seriously, I’m among those who are of the school of thought that believe we can control being stressed… this is coming from someone who once (thank God) suffered a very very mild(thank God 2x) stroke from stress. So, me no take relieving stress lightly… but it is a process. For me I just try to remember that whether I’m stressed or not about it I have to get through it so I’ll just decide to NOT be stressed… and I’ve learned to laugh A LOT!

    • Lol. No I’m not stressed about breakfast, but you know I had to add my “just for fun” twist to it.
      Sorry you went through that and glad you’re ok.
      Laughter is a remedy though, good advice.

  2. Hands down pancakes…no question asked. I love an omelet as much as the next guy, but come on pancakes are God’s gift to humans…DELICIOUS…and here I am leading a stress free day 🙂

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