Wyclef Running for President

I heard about this a few weeks ago before anything was official. Earlier this week I got an email stating he announced it in a Time magazine interview. In addition last night I guess he was on Larry King and announced it. I was too busy saving the world from terrorists, so I recorded it. I haven’t watched it yet though. All that being said I can’t really say I know this for  fact, but I’m going to assume it’s true. By the way by “saving the world from terrorists” I mean I was playing Call of Duty on xbox with a beer in one hand. Don’t judge me, it’s been a long week. Anyway, let me say that other than what I catch on the morning news I don’t normally follow or discuss politics, foreign or domestic. Far too many lies for me. This on the other hand stands out to me so I have something to say about it.

Unfortunately I think I have more questions than answers. Maybe I’m missing something, but don’t you need experience to become president? I don’t know the man’s full history, but has he ever been a mayor? Held some notable government position? Was he ever the class president back in high school? Isn’t there some education required? Would you trust me fixing your car brakes if I told you I have never seen a car before? Would you trust me to build a skyscraper if I told you I went to school for psychology? Could Eminem run for president of the U.S.? Sure the situations are different, but bottom line there are lives at stake. Of course there’s always learning involved with every job, but I didn’t think presidency had on site training for new hires.

I have nothing against Wyclef. Unlike some celebrities you don’t really hear about him being involved in all types of drama. I applaud him for wanting to step up, but I just don’t think he’s qualified. Who knows it could be the change the country needs. His celebrity status and love for the country might be enough to get the job done. However, I think his celebrity status would be better served for fund-raising purposes.The good thing is that he’s already rich. Don’t have to worry about him being corrupted by greed like some presidents before him. Maybe I’m wrong about this. If he wins, hopefully I am wrong. Especially since he probably has a good chance of winning with Haiti having a large young population. I just hope I never hear about him being in the studio making mix tapes. Remix featuring Obama. Then again, if the proceeds were going to charity that might not be a bad idea.
I wonder though. If Lauren and Praz were both Haitian citizens, would they vote for him?

-Vic Louis
Have a good weekend everyone. Be safe and have fun. Life is short.
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4 responses to “Wyclef Running for President

  1. G

    This is different ..I just think this is just a flaslight to shine a light on this issue of needing a Strong, passionate and dedicated Person to run the Country.. that individual being Wyclef leaves alot of questions. But I applaud him. If this is a go .. he will need Major help

  2. perfectly imperfect

    good closing question….. yet “it could all be so simple” lol.
    Yea this is a very complex one but you def present good questions to provoke the thoughts…..hey Arnold made governor and we do have a black president….you never know nowadays

  3. Inquiring M.

    I believe I read on Bossip (hmmm prolly shouldn’t admit I go to that site) that Praz doesn’t support him in this endeavor… then again Bossip be making stuff up so who knows.

    I’m torn. Can anyone really be prepared to handle the building (or re-building I should say) of a nation. It’s almost like a “what do they have to lose” situation. Those that were super qualified in the past ultimately have put this country in the place it’s in now… why not mix it up a bit?

  4. Scrappy

    I watched his interview on CNN while you were saving the world lolz! I thought his interview on Larry King Live was very sincere and honest but at the same time, he lacks experience although he is a millionaire and corruption might not be the thing for the Haitian people to worry if him and his FAS A FAS movement win the election, I am curious of why the media is pushing this story harder and harder everyday, I think he might end up being a puppet for Washington or the international community. There’s dozens and dozens of candidates running for president, some with rich, educated backgrounds and some just corrupt former politicians, regardless, im curious to hear his ideas for moving Haiti forward. We shall see.


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