That New Car Smell pt. I

You know what I’m talking about. When you open the doors of a new car, that new car smell hits you and you love it. You might even take an extra whiff. People like that new smell so much, someone got the idea to make a car freshener out of it. Can’t relate to a new car? Well, how ’bout new shoes? It’s new, smells new and looks new, so you take very good care of it.  It’s not breaking news, people like new things… cars, clothes, shoes and what this piece is really about – relationships. Like the cars and shoes, people put so much effort into their relationship at first and then just stop. The new relationship smell and feel go away, and the relationship is thrown into that moldy corner of the closet. You know it will always be there, so you only dust it off, just enough to keep it there.

The Sweet Little Nothings
Ladies, remember the flowers? That was sweet huh? Now the only flowers you see are at funerals. Remember the little messages he left you? The ones that said “I Love You.” Made you feel warm inside, huh? Now, the only messages you get are the ones your mother leaves on your voicemail. And he might even delete those, because he doesn’t like her. Remember when he used to jump at the opportunity to give you a massage? All you had to say was “Oh baby, my back -” and the remote control hit the floor before you finished your sentence. Before you know it, you’re getting that good massage that makes you cross-eyed. Felt great huh? All that good stuff, then the sh*t just stopped. It’s not just men though, you all start slacking too.

Guys, remember when she used to always offer to cook for you? You didn’t even ask or expect her to. She just did it on her own. I bet your stomach was happy, huh?  Now for 5 weeks straight she tells you, “Better get some take out before you come home, ’cause I’m not cooking.” Remember when she volunteered to pick up and pay for the latest copy of Madden? You thought she was the greatest girlfriend ever, huh? Now she hates you, your PlayStation, and John Madden. Remember when she used to throw herself at you 4-5 times a week? Sent you naughty text messages that prevented you from being able to stand up from your work cubicle. Felt great, huh? Now you’re almost scared to try to start the party. Like as a child when you saw an animal just laying there you would pick up a stick and slowly creep over to it. You would be very hesitant before trying to poke it in fear that it will snap at you. Remember that? Well now same thing, except the animal is your girl and the stick is your…. hand (what were you thinking?).

Notice how less romantic the guys list is? Anyway, what happens to all that stuff? Where does it go? Why do people get lazy in the relationship? There seems to be a quick retirement age for relationships. Relationships are work, however,  the job doesn’t last very long it seems. Work hard for a limited amount of time, gain some seniority in the field, get comfortable, and then retire. I’m not experiencing this, but we all know it happens. It’s sad really. Your loved one isn’t a shoe or a car. There are some insignificant things that will change, it’s natural. However, you should never let that new feeling die out. All those sweet little things you did at first, keep doing them. If you worked that hard to get someone, you should continue doing that sh*t to keep them.

To be continued…

– Vic Louis
p.s. This was actually intended to be one piece, but by the time I finished with 1 of 2 sections it was already my usual length for one post. Didn’t want to strain your eyes so I turned it into two pieces. Plus, you know you’re aren’t supposed to be reading blogs while you’re at work so I’m saving you time.  Don’t worry I won’t tell, keep reading. Be sure to check back tomorrow.



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5 responses to “That New Car Smell pt. I

  1. Scrappy

    I like this one man.

  2. Best Buddy

    This blog is so true and then people wonder why they are breaking up or why they are getting divorced but its because in relationship they let go of the love they had of doing special things for their partner and even more not expecting anything in return for doing it

  3. bubblez410

    This post is a sad truth… and I agree with Best Buddy that sometimes couples forget to do the nice little things without expecting anything in return.. Personally, I can say that to many times people do things not because they are kind-hearted or thoughtful but because of the payoff they will get in return.
    I think that doing nice little, thoughtful things are kind of up there with the lost art of chivalry….

  4. Inquiring M.

    I guess I agree with the rest… I feel like if you always wanted to do it in the first place, not becuz you expected something to come from it, then you would still do it… it would be innate almost. I mean, the same way we do the things we like for ourselves becuz they make us feel good… if we’re REALLY interested in making that special person feel good wouldn’t we take the same thoughtless/effortless approach. I for one, get very uneasy when there is a lot of flower buying and lovey text messages and “I love yous” happening in the beginning… I always wonder, is this who you really are or are you just trying to convince me?

  5. Hal

    There should be a perfume called “NewCarSmell”

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