Gun-toting Gangsters

This is a public service announcement for you guys. You are soft and lame. There I said it. Sure, I saw New Jack City too. I thought it was cool. For a few minutes after the movie I wanted to be a gangster too. I wanted to be able to yell “Am I my brother’s keeper?” Then the sound of my mother’s voice smacked some sense back into me. Ok maybe New Jack City might be a little out dated for you younger folks. I don’t know… Belly, Get Rich or Die Tryin’? Whatever you get the point. Somewhere along the line you thought it was cool to pick up a gun. Hey, I like guns as much as the next guy. And I own a bunch, paintball guns that is. Sure, I want to shoot people and I do. I go paintballing and I turn on my xbox. I’m the baddest cat out there.

Seriously now. Excluding robberies, I figure there are 2 causes or reasons why there is a bunch of senseless killing. Simple disputes and drugs. I’m going to break both of them down to explain why you “thugs” are soft and lame.

Simple Disputes
I got into plenty of fights when I was younger. Some were stupid and some were for good reason. I won most, lost some. The beauty of it all is that all involved parties lived to see another day. No lives were taken. The only thing lost were pride and egos. Well, maybe a tooth or two also. That’s why I call you guys soft. Get into a simple argument and you quickly pull out your piece over spilled milk. Need a gun to make you feel tough. I don’t know why, because anyone with fingers can pull a trigger. How does that separate you from the rest and make you tougher? Anyone can do that. However, not everyone can dish out a good lickin’. Not everyone can take a good lickin’ and get back up with their head high. That’s what I call tough. But noooooo, you fools want to shoot each other.

What’s the point anyways? In these shootings, there are always at least 2 lives taken – the victim dies and the shooter goes to jail for life. Yes shooter, you are going to jail. Let’s face it, unless you’re involved in organized crime the typical “thug” isn’t really C.S.I proof. You’re getting caught within 48 hours genius. Now back to the victim.  You gun-toters can’t shoot for sh*t. That’s why you are lame. Might as well throw rocks at each other instead. Holding the gun sideways and just shooting without using the sights on the gun. Just proof that you watch too much TV. Because of that your target usually gets away scratch free. It’s the 8-yr-old  girl who was playing in her bedroom on the 2nd floor that takes the bullet. If not her, then it’s her 11-year-old brother that was riding his bike outside. Or their mother that was putting away groceries in the kitchen. Groceries she worked extremely hard for to be able to afford. All you should need to walk down the street are your fists and your brain.

Drug Wars
I suppose the rest of the senseless killing can be traced back to drugs. Turf wars for one. My question is, how can you kill someone for stealing your corner when it wasn’t your corner in the first place? I thought the city owned it, no? You’re selling drugs, which is illegal just in case you didn’t get the memo. That’s enough to put you in jail, so why make it worse with gun violence? Take away the fact that it’s illegal and you’re like every other business. You have a supplier, you’re selling something and competing with local business. Same sh*t. Down the street from me is strip filled with mom & pops breakfast places. Some are across the street from each other, and others are side by side. They hate each other. Steal customers, steal menus, insult each other and etc. You name it. However, I don’t see them shooting each other.

Whatever happened to competitive pricing and relocating. Selling better product for more money or selling cheaper product for less. You dumb-asses need business school, not guns. If Best Buy and Circuit City got along, why can’t you?

– Vic Louis



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3 responses to “Gun-toting Gangsters


    Cowards, these dudes nowadays afraid to take an asswhippin. A child could pull a trigger, that don’t make u a man. COWARDS!!!

  2. Perfectly Imperfect

    I absolutely love this.

    Nuff said.

    So real

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