Why I Couldn’t Be in Love with 2

For some reason the song “Me and My Crazy World” by Lost Boyz popped in my head. For those of you who have never heard this song, the video can be found at the end of this post. In short, it’s about a guy being in love with two women and doesn’t know which one to pick. As a result I was going to discuss if it’s really possible to truly love 2 people. And I don’t mean that  “I love you, but I’m not in love with you” stuff. I mean really IN love with two people. I wrote 2 lines and immediately started thinking about how I wouldn’t have the energy to do it.  In love with two women? No thank you and here’s why:

Eeny, meeny, miny, moe
I have indecisive days here and there. Sometimes I want to wear black, sometimes I want to wear blue. Even that can be a hard decision to make when I have to go to some event. That being said, how would I possibly be able to choose who to bring where? I’d have to make line graphs and plot the pros and cons of each woman. I’d have to calculate who would be there, what the risks are and etc. I make my decision, then I arrive at my destination and I say “Sh*t, I should have worn black.”

2 Doses of P.M.S.
Premenstrual syndrome? Some women are understandably angry as a result. Imagine having to be on the other end of that not once, but twice a month! Maybe even at the same time.  1 is too much, 2 is just overkill.  Take 2 midols and call me in the morning.  Anyway,  forget PMS. Imagine  getting into a fight with both at the same time. Then not only do you have one withholding sex from you, you have both withholding sex. No nookie for you. I’d be forced to laugh at anyone in this predicament. No thank you.

Costs of dating
What if both my loves thought Friday’s wasn’t a real restaurant? You know how expensive that would get? Dinner at a “fake” restaurant with a few drinks = $80 (never mind at the “real” restaurants). Movie for 2 = $20 excluding snacks. If I did this just once a month with 2 girlfriends that’s $200.  Of course that won’t be the only date related expense for the month. I would need three jobs to support that. Then due to the 3 jobs I’d have to hear complaints from both that I don’t spend anytime with them. No thank you.

Too many 2’s for me.
2 birthdays. 2 valentine’s days. 2 Christmases. 2 anniversaries.
Nope, not happening. Nuff said. No further explanation needed.
Shoot, if they’re both corny then there could be 2 “first time we kissed” anniversaries too. No thank you.

Double the amount of weddings to go to.
I’m at the age where friends and friends of friends are getting married. People are getting married left and right like it’s on sale or something. I have my own weddings to go to. Then I would have to go to weddings with girlfriend #1. Then I’d have to go to weddings with girlfriend #2. Hell no. Sitting in a hot church with no ceiling fans, wearing a suit. Maybe even a 3-piece if I feel like going all out. I’ll pass.  And if you didn’t know, pictures are snitches. They tell the world exactly what clothes you own. So if I have 8 weddings to go to, I can only switch my shirt and tie so many times before people start catching on. Pictures will be all over Facebook and some a_hole will comment and say “Yo, didn’t you wear that suit at the last 5 weddings?” I own 6 or 7 suits, but only like 2 so I’d find myself buying more. No thank you.

Sorry Mr. Cheeks, you can keep your crazy world. I think I was a sophomore in high school when this album came out. Back then I was wondering what he was complaining about. I’d love to have his problem of having 2 women to love. Now that I’m older and I know a little more of how things works. No thank you.

-Vic Louis



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6 responses to “Why I Couldn’t Be in Love with 2

  1. Best buddy

    Haha you always come up with some really great post but yea anyone that has 2 ”loves’ isn’t really in love with either probably just likes the idea of having 2 girlfriends but the closer a girl got to him the harder that will start to become especially if she was really in love with him.
    Also depends in age group and what they feel love
    haha plus having to worry so much of not taking one girl anywhere near a place you might find the other one at

  2. bubblez410

    You definitely can’t love you 2 people at the same time…. maybe you can have some type of infatuation but truly loving two people, I don’t think it is possible…
    Granted unless if the guy likes to be a player than I suppose he “can love” multiple girls, but I think you can only love one person at a time. Also, thinking you love two people is not fair because someone will be getting left overs… If the guy gets into a fight with one, then he always has the other and that wouldn’t be genuine love…. that is called convenience. Plus, if a guy is truly in love, there wouldn’t be room for someone else…
    Those are just my thoughts on the subject.. 🙂
    Great post!

  3. No chance you can be in love with 2 women at once. Simply impossible. If you are TRULY in love with someone, there won’t be anyone else that you have eyes for. All of your points above are good reasons to ignore feelings for two girls, but if you are truly in love with one of them, the problem will never happen.

    • “but if you are truly in love with one of them, the problem will never happen.”

      Well said Adam, but you’re killing me! I planned on addressing that point in the future post

      *smiles devilishly* I might just have to go ahead and take a controversial stand just to stir the pot.

  4. Inquiring M.

    *Of topic* I forgot how much I liked that video… classic Mo Better Blues scene. How can you not LOVE that video?

    Anyway, cosignin ERRRbody. 1 heart, 1 love… Word to Bob Marley.

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