What Women Should Not Tell Their Friends

I stumbled across a post on a blog site called Love is Dope. The short version of the particular post is that it’s about women over-sharing stuff about their man, good or bad. You can find the link at the end if you want to read it. I can’t really relate because most guys, or at least the ones I know, usually don’t say more than, “She’s doing fine.” I’ve always wondered what women I’ve been in a relationship with have said about me. I’m only one man so I can’t speak for all males, but here are some things I assume most men would not want their woman to release to her girlfriends. Nor your mother in some cases…

1. Sex stories
You don’t need to tell your girlfriends if your man is whack in the sack or how small it is. I shouldn’t have to explain why. On the contrary  your girlfriend doesn’t need to know her big or how great it is either. No need to them that your man’s member spoke to you. That’s just asking for trouble. We don’t need your horny promiscuous  friend looking at us just dying to know what it’s like. No need for sure coating. I’m talking about your slutty friend, you know you have one. Don’t protect her.

2. How much he makes.
My own mother doesn’t know how much I make. So your girlfriend damn sure doesn’t need to know this information. Plus what kind of convo would lead to this? That’s a gold-digger red flag alert. Kanye isn’t saying she’s a gold-digger, but I am. I call it how I see it. There’s no need to tell your hoodrat girlfriend how much your man makes. It’s his business and his business only. Why she gotta be a hoodrat you ask? Well, because she is one.

3. Family Business

I was raised not to disclose any information about family issues. I carried this with me into adulthood. That being said I rarely share family business with anybody. If for some reason you know some sensitive information about your man’s family, keep it to yourself. There’s no need to tell your girlfriends that your man’s sister slept with 15 guys, is pregnant with twins and thinks she might have 2 different baby daddies. That’s what Maury Povich is for. No need to tell them that your man’s parents aren’t the wealthiest people in the world and have financial problems. If your man is very protective of his family business and you decided it was great gossip for you and your girlfriends, just hope you aren’t on the highway when he finds out because you might be walking home.

4. Caught in the act
Ever see the movie Knocked Up? Remember that part when Katherine Heigl’s sister told her that she caught her man whacking off? You don’t need to tell your girlfriends that. That’s just weird and too much information. Respect his alone time, it’s your fault anyways! Besides, your man won’t tell his boys that he caught you using the Borgansmorzin DP3000.  Yes, DP stands for dual penetration.

5.  Doctor, is it supposed to look like that?
You shouldn’t share your man’s medical information. No need to tell your girlfriends that he is experiencing erectile dysfunction. No need to tell them that he was having issues with his bowel movements. No need to give them a detailed description of how the issue was resolved. Hospital staff aren’t allowed to discuss medical records with outside people so neither should you.

To make things simple the rule of thumb is this. If you know your man would be upset if he discovered you shared certain information with your friends, you probably shouldn’t do it. If you aren’t sure how he’d feel about it, you probably shouldn’t do it .

You can click here if you want to read the post that was referenced above.

– Vic Louis
p.s. Sorry if there are a lot of grammatical errors. In a rush today, have deadlines to meet as always.



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5 responses to “What Women Should Not Tell Their Friends

  1. These are good. I am guilty of talking about sex, but only in the most general terms–not stories or absolute scenarios. But yea, even with my ex, there are certain things I don’t feel comfortable sharing about him and we are no longer together. I just feel like personal matters regarding finances, family, and health are private and I honor the confidences even after the relationship has dissolved.

  2. Thanks for the link! Nice to see things from a guy’s perspective.

  3. Wait, who didn’t know this? I need names! I have lost faith in womankind. Thanks for educating the tactless children masquerading as women. This is just…

  4. Simplicity

    Good one…food for thought

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