This has been bothering me for months now. The lady in my life has been acting up lately and it is starting to become a burden. It has been a little over 3 years and things are starting to go down the drain. I am really not sure what to do, but I really have to start thinking this through. It pains me to say these things, but it must be said.

She has been getting sick a lot lately. I cannot  fault her for that because things are not the same once you start getting old. I accept that, but it just seems like she does not want to do anything. I always compliment. I even compliment her when she is not looking her best. I always take her out. I spend all this money on her and it’s like she doesn’t appreciate it. She enjoys it for a brief period, then acts like it never happened.

Sometimes I leave her at home on the weekends. I mean, so what does that make me a bad guy? After seeing her everyday all week, sometimes I need some space. I  come back home to her, so what’s the problem? When I return I can feel the jealously radiating off of her body as I walk by. I try to ignore it, but it is hard to. It saddens me really, but I refuse to let her see what she’s doing to me.

She must have been listening attentively anytime Beyoncé was crooning over the radio. She thinks she is irreplaceable, but she is dead wrong.  Dead wrong. We have been through a lot together, yes that is true. There are a lot of others out there just waiting for someone like me to pay them attention. I do not want to start over with a new girl, because I put a lot of work into this and had high hopes. However, I will not hesitate to trade her in and get a new car if I have to. Go ahead, keep acting up.

– Vic Louis
Short and sweet today. Off to my little mini-vacation to the Cape.
Have a fun and safe weekend people.



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5 responses to “Irreplaceable?

  1. Scrappy

    This is good stuff, fooled me for a little bit.

  2. Best Buddy

    Hahaha I’m good I knew what you were talking about from ‘lady in my life’ 🙂 where’s my cookie?

  3. Simplicity

    I knew you were talking about your car but I was still compelled to read on

  4. Bubblez410

    I always get a good laugh out of these type of posts… 🙂

  5. Inquiring M.

    Yeah, that was easy although you did have me second guessing myself a lil, just a lil.

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