Woman in a Red Dress

Last Thursday I was waiting for my brother Marcus at our usual spot for drinks and dinner. He was running late so I took a seat at the bar. As I scoped the crowd for familiar faces a sexy sistah walked in. She wore a caramel complexion and carried thin braids that went down to the middle of her back. She had on a black business suit with a blue top. A skirt instead of pants. The skirt exposed her toned and nicely shaped legs. I would say she was 5′ 9″, 5′ 6″ without the heels.

Watching her walk away was nearly hypnotizing. Her body swayed side to side like a hypnotist’s pendant. When she was far away enough, she discretely looked back. She looked back to confirm she left me in a trance. A trance only a woman could leave a man in. With her nose to the sky she walked towards the corner of the room. She was beautiful, but she knew it. Confidence brings livelihood, however, over confidence is a killer. Her body language spoke to me. It told me she was a few compliments away from death.

She reached her table and was greeted by her date. Prior to her arrival, I saw him sitting in the corner by himself. He looked nervous and eager. It was obvious he was waiting for someone. Now he seemed to be happy to see her. I looked at my Ragnarok watch wondering where the hell my brother was.

Seemed like minutes, but an hour passed by before another woman entered the lounge. She was larger than the first, but she carried it well. The weight looked good on her in fact. She was wearing a red dress that complimented her figure. All of this was an after thought, however. What struck me the most was her beauty. Her face was angelic and practically flawless. Without a single blemish. She wore her hair short. Red lipstick painted her full lips.

She looked around as if looking for someone, then quickly took a seat beside me. She didn’t look my way and seemed focused or deep in thought perhaps. She didn’t even blink until the bartender asked her to pick her poison. She glanced over my way, stared at the brown liquid in my glass and told the bartender she’ll have whatever I’m drinking.

She took her drink and put it down in one gulp. The same amount I had been babysitting for half an hour. She must have seen the surprised look on face. “Sorry it’s been a long week,” she said almost embarrassed.

“No need to apologize. It must have been some week, but nothing is that bad.”

“I found out my husband is having an affair.”

“I -”

“He isn’t just having sex with another woman. He plans on leaving me for her.” She stared at the wall as if the images were projected on it.

“I am really sorry to hear that. Here, take my drink too.” I awkwardly joked, not knowing what else to say.

“It’s ok honey, he’ll learn not to play with fire.” She smiled, and a beautiful smile it was.

Before either of us could spit out another word there was a commotion. Word was spreading that a black Mercedes was on fire in the parking lot. A little surprising, but I was unmoved by this. I decided to take a cab that night instead of driving so I had nothing to worry about. More importantly I just ordered another round of drinks for the lady and I so I wasn’t getting up. She too was unmoved by the news. In fact, she seemed content as she twirled the straw around in the glass with her right index finger. I looked up and saw the man and the woman in a black suit rushing towards us to get to the exit. They both stopped in their tracks and stared at my new drinking partner. I don’t know what people look like when they see a ghost, but it had to be something like that.

I quickly turned back to my neighbor. I did the math and while confusion grew on my face, victory grew on hers. Without facing me she smiled.
“Like I said, he’ll learn not to play with fire.”

She paid for both our drinks and walked away. After letting it all sink in, I called my wife. I told her I loved her. Then I asked her to put my car in the garage and told her to be on the look out for a beautiful woman in a red dress.

– Vic Louis

Sorry for no post yesterday. The network was down all day at work so I couldn’t access the internet. By the time I got home at 930pm I gave up.

Below is just an explanation of this piece. If your eyes are burning already feel free to read this part later. It’s not a continuation of the story or anything.

I’m not the narrator, nor did this actually happen (not that I know of at least).  This is completely fictitious. Over the weekend I got a message from a reader stating that she enjoyed reading my posts and she wanted to see some character.  She asked if I’m going to look into character development or plot development.

So to answer her and anyone else that might be wondering, the answer is Yes. I haven’t yet, but I will be taking various levels of fiction writing courses that include character and plot development. Also I will be independently reading highly recommended books on development. If I’m still not happy with my level of comfort in that area, then I will take courses that only focus on character development.

When I’m a little more experienced and ready for publishing I will mostly likely have a site to promote for upcoming novels. There might be a blurb there similar to what you find on the back cover of novels. However, since this blog is accessible to anyone with internet access I will not be posting any pieces with characters or plots. At this point in the game I don’t know much about copyright or what content to release to the public, but I’m assuming that’s bad for business.

The piece is before any classes, just my imagination and what I know from reading novels. Maybe after some classes I’ll rewrite this piece and post it to see if there’s any major difference. Anyway, hope you enjoyed. Happy Tuesday.



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6 responses to “Woman in a Red Dress

  1. Inquiring M.

    I dug it deep. Really good stuff Vic. My favorite lines:

    “Confidence brings livelihood, however, over confidence is a killer. Her body language spoke to me. It told me she was a few compliments away from death.”

    P.S. After you said the benz was on fire I knew this didn’t happen to you… dat sh!t right there is crazy!

  2. Best Buddy

    Really nice!

  3. bubblez410

    Vic, you have quite the creative mind. 🙂 Awesome storyline and so very descriptive and intriguing!! Looking forward to the next story. 🙂

  4. Simplicity

    Yea I loved the line about confidence! It spoke to me… Can’t wait for the book!

  5. skinnyT

    dangit…here i was waiting to ask where this popping club was located? all these lovely ladies walking in and out =-p

  6. jettagurl

    I must admit this was an entertaining piece, loved it. I wish the novel was here already, Woman in the red dress, right up my ally. lol

    I think you are doing an awesome job, keep them coming.

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