4 Reasons Why Dating is a Sport

Sorry for the late post. I walked into work thinking I was free of meetings, next thing I know I’m being told I might have to give a presentation. Fortunately I didn’t have to because I wasn’t prepared for that, but I still had to sit in. By the way, if you are ever wondering how come I haven’t posted something yet I can usually sneak in a tweet during these unexpected meetings. Scroll down and look for the section on the right labeled “What’s the Word.” You will see my latest tweet and it might explain why there’s no post yet. Anyway, I’m going to skip the introductory blurb and jump right into the purpose of this post since the title is self-explanatory and I’m running late (sorry you didn’t get your lunch time reading material).

4 Reasons Why Dating is a is like a Sport

1. Practice
Everyone you date is just practice until the real thing. Sure, in some cases you might end up with a lifetime friend, but everyone else is just practice. Preparation for the real deal. You learn how to handle situations appropriately so you don’t mess up when you encounter it. Even the ones you dated for a week and they ended up in jail for drug dealing or some crime. You probably thought that was a complete waste of time, right? Nope. Remember when you asked what they did for a living and they were kind of hesitant? They mumbled out some response, but it went over your head? Bam! Lesson learned.

2. You Have a Coach
You have a coach. Actually some of you might have coaches, plural. Ladies, you obviously don’t call her coach, but it’s your loud-mouth friend. The one that tells you how to get a man. The very same one who hasn’t had a date in 5 years or the one who has been with the same guy since high school. Yet, somehow she swears she knows all the tricks. Guys, it’s your over-confident friend. The one who shares his sure-to-win pick up lines with you. The one who has had the same expired condom in his wallet for years now.

3. Call Time Out
Sometimes people need to a break from relationships and dating. They get tired, worn out. Need to collect themselves and re-energize before continuing. Sometimes they get their butts kicked so bad they consider switching teams (get it?). So what do they do? They call time out.

4. Stalkers and Groupies
Everyone knows professional athletes have stalkers and groupies. Some of you unlucky daters share the same fate. End up dating the wrong man/woman. Try to end things nicely, but they don’t quite get it. As a result you have to change your number or really get creative and call your friend at the newspaper and have them put you in the obituaries.

Why only 4 reasons? Because I feel like being cheap today. Kidding. Because everyone always does 5 or 10.

-Vic Louis
p.s. I won $50 on a $5 scratch ticket. I’m excited. I’ve never won more than $10. Guess what I’m going to do with it. Pay bills.


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  1. Meh, personally only number one applies to me. No one knows what I want more than I do so there’s no coach except me. Dating is fun! Who wants a time out from that? I’m glad to say I’ve never had a stalker or groupie….mostly because I listen to my brilliant coach!

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