Didn’t Know We Were still in 1916

There was a monsoon earlier on my way to work, now the sun is out as if nothing ever happened. Some weird weather today. Anyway, yesterday I had a chat with an old friend. We were discussing some ol’ skool traditions that I personally don’t believe fit in this current day and age. It would have been interesting if we were arguing points, however, we were pretty much in agreement. Despite the fact we agreed on everything, simply discussing one of the traditions left me so annoyed we might as well have been going at each other’s throats. Man works, woman stays home.

The topic came up because my friend was recently told that as a woman, she should not have to work. Instead, she should sit at home and basically collect her husband’s checks. Being a real woman, she wasn’t having that. While my parents have many traditions that I find ridiculous and certainly ignore, this is not one they followed nor believed in. I’m proud to say that by the way. As a result I’m not accustomed to this foolishness. Some men and women actually still live by this even in the year 2010. The sad part is that it’s not always a single person who sees it this way. An entire family can be plagued with this prehistoric concept. Generation after generation are bred and raised with that in mind. Some people who fought for women’s rights must be turning in their graves right now.

I can respect and understand if a couple has children and they decide it’s financially best for someone, not necessarily the mother, to stay home and watch the kids while the other works. I can’t blame them one bit. Until my sister had her son I was not aware how much daycare in Boston cost. I almost vowed never to have children after I heard those crack prices. I can also respect if a woman takes time off from work to finish school. With intent to acquire a better job with her new degree, nothing wrong with that. I’m sure there are some situations I can’t think of and hey, whatever works. However,  if anyone believes a grown-ass woman should not work because she is a woman and the husband as a “real man” should do the sole providing is a ______.  I can’t even think of a nice word for you.

Picture this scenario.
Boy meets girl, boy really likes her. Girl graduated from an expensive college. Girl lived on campus to make matters worse. Girl could buy a small island with the amount of debt she has. Boy marries girl. Girl’s family raised her to believe that single-income families with the man being the source of income are the American way. Boy works, girl sits at home and does absolutely nothing. Boy is forced to get two jobs in order to make ends meet. Boy pays girl’s school loans. School loans that are pointless because girl never worked a day in her life. Boy quickly becomes a tired old man and dies. Girl collects life insurance, marries another boy. Cycle starts over.

Hell no, not me. If I was the boy in that scenario, it would have gone differently. Boy meets girl. Girl says women should not have to work. Boy hysterically laughs at girl, then walks away as he sings She Got Her Own. Boy posts that nonsense on Facebook and never speaks to girl again. The end.

– Vic Louis
p.s.  I’m slowly losing it. Yesterday I tried to control my xbox with the cable remote. Just now I put my headphones on in order to read lyrics.

My apologies for the days missed. Things got a little hectic.



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3 responses to “Didn’t Know We Were still in 1916

  1. Best Buddy

    Wow I don’t think I could just stay home and not work …I do like idea of staying home kids…but it would be pretty selfish of any woman to stay home with backed up bills and putting that burden in on the husband to possibly get a second job

  2. Back in the day, a family could sustain on one income but with the national shift in women’s rights, and ummmm everyone living beyond their means (oh hello recession) it became necessity to have both man and woman work. Look, if I ever lose my mind and get married and have kids I’m taking at least a year off to raise my child. End of story. I honestly don’t know how my mother worked 40+ hours, came home, cooked, yelled at us, checked out homework, chatted and cuddled with us, and ironed and washed our clothes. But it is pure idiocy to NOT work just because you have a vajayjay when your family is struggling. C’mon dude, you’re just a waste of life at that point. My father is very traditional so he didn’t want my mother to work…but she did. I respect traditional views, even as a modern woman but I can’t subscribe to anyone rationalizing sloth because of their gender.

  3. Perfectly Imperfect

    You def need to see capitalism a love story. Honestly I agree with alot you have said however we are also leaving the fact that back in the day families could live a really nice life with one income now its a necessity to have two incomes. Just for arguments sack to take away the girl should stay at home idea from all of this.

    As far as your example I am with you 100% percent if you aint gonna use the degree than why even but yourself in debt, but just in general as a woman how can you NOT want to do for yourself. Like lets just say this does happen and dude wakes up one day sick of your ass and leaves you for that one who do got her own, hello!!!!
    Then what you gonna do…. cry? “heres a tissue”

    All jokes aside if both people work it brings in more flow, more flow equals more stuff you can do, more stuff equals more bonding and less stress and arguments, so you not think this will make a happier marriage? just a thought.

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