Type of Woman I Hope Doesn’t Exist

I received a tip from a friend that Why Did I Get Married Too? was a good movie. When I asked if it was some marriage counseling movie, I was told no. I trusted my source and rented the movie when I got home. After the first hour, my initial thought was that I’d never ask that friend for stock advice. I felt like I was trapped between Waiting to Exhale (which I loathe)  and The Brothers (which is ok). I’d almost lost complete hope, but fortunately things got interesting in the last hour. I’ll spare you the movie review, you can find it here if you’re interested. I won’t spoil the movie or anything, but I’m writing this post for another reason. There’s one thing in this movie and the prequel that makes my head hurt. Her name is Angela.

If you haven’t seen either movies, Angela is character played by Tasha Smith.  I noticed Tasha often plays this type of role and does a damn good job at it. It makes me wonder if there are really women out there that actually carry on like that. The thought is terrifying. The thought yields the same result as cold water over my privates, it gives me shrinkage. Yes, Angela’s personality = shrinkage. She is a man’s worst nightmare. She has a sexy body, but is ghetto and annoying as all hell. She bothers me more than that stupid extra part of a chicken wing that no one eats. The devil herself (the devil isn’t a man, hence the italics in case you missed that), would refuse to accept a woman like Angela into hell. Reason being, she would probably take over. If anyone thinks she is only like that because of her man, well my response to you is that you are crazy and crazy people stick together. Like roaches, there’s only one or two of you during the day, but you all roll deep at night.

Now that I’ve vented, let me explain her character. I assume most of you have at least seen the first movie so I don’t think I need to go into too much detail. She is a loud, in-your-face, jealous, angry, and insecure alcoholic. Angela takes being an animated person to a whole new level. She has an on/off switch for craziness that is usually left in the on position. She makes Kisha from Belly look like an angel. For the smallest thing she jumps to conclusions and makes a scene no matter where she is.

I wonder if this is a trait that exposes its ugly head after marriage. If not, I can not understand for the life of me why someone would marry a psycho like that. If that doesn’t make a man commit suicide, I don’t know what would. I’m traumatized and I’m not even with her. I’ve never even met someone like that yet I’m shaking my head no as I write this. God forbid I ever become a dictator because anyone like her would be prosecuted, persecuted, electrocuted, executed and any other dramatic word that ends with “cuted.”

– Vic Louis

p.s. Speaking of the movie. Is it just me or did Angela’s and Marcus’s children not age or grow during the timeframe between the two films?



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5 responses to “Type of Woman I Hope Doesn’t Exist

  1. Best Buddy

    Hahaha wow I was just watching it yesterday….angela is crazy and I know someone who is just like her, sadly its never pretty and her and her boyfriend are always fighting and I ask myself how they are still together. But tyler was trying to show all the different extremes I guess because then you have pat who doesn’t say anything

    And haha in 3 years the kids are the same and tylers daughter is the same too.

  2. ROFLMAO!!!!!!!!! Bahahahhahaha! There are tons of women that are like Angela, sad to say. From my observations, they usually are in a relationship. So THAT man is even crazier in my book. Some men LOVE psychopaths then complain later about. No sympathy player, you like the drama. I doubt it’s a trait realized after marriage because Angela made a scene and berated EVERYONE, you can’t hide that nasty attribute at all. I def can agree that a man didn’t make them like that, but the absence of one did, I am sure. Daddy issues.

  3. ESA

    I LOVE Angela!.. she makes me laugh because she is so extreme and you cant help but think “wow, she can’t be serious”.. However, the sad part is, I think Angela and Marcus’s relationship was the last couple on the list who needed the most help. The other couples had some other majorrrrrrrrrr issues. They didn’t truly know each other. At least Marcus knew how Angela was from the beginning and chose to be with her regardless. It’s not like she did a complete personality change over night.. she was ALWAYS like that.. it just got even worst after he cheated on her… then she cheated on him and gave him an STD..there’s always a reason why someone is “crazy” or “loud, in-your-face, jealous, angry, and insecure alcoholic”.. oh the joys of LOVE.. lol

  4. Perfectly Imperfect

    I think she is crazy from the beginning I do also think alot has to do with her experiences in her relationship. not that I am defending her but I think we have all been with someone who makes us feel out of our element and has at one point brought us out of character.

    I think shes is just crazy in the movie but it makes her character fun, women do change and so do men but I think its our experiences that mold us and in her case the way she reacts to her experiences and her already loud character is what makes her even worse.

    Love the fact that the devil would want her herself lol.

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