No, not the bad movie with Terrence Howard. I’m still going through my issues with Why Did I Get Married Too?.  I meant to write and post this yesterday, however, test tubes and booze stories take precedence. My priorities are out of whack, I know. Anyway, besides Angela something else made my head hurt. Well not as much, but it still boggles my mind why anyone would do this. Fyi, there’s a bit of a spoiler here. This might give away a tiny bit of the plot, but unless you never watched a movie in your life, there is no way you couldn’t have seen this coming.

Jill Scott’s character (can’t remember her name and honestly don’t feel like looking it up) took it upon herself to help her husband find a job. Doesn’t sound too bad at first right? Sounds like she’s being helpful. Sounds commendable, sweet, caring, and all those warm kind words. And it is, until it becomes a crime against a man’s pride. Asking your ex-man to get your new man a job? Negative.

[I know that writing ex-man and new man over and over will annoy me. So for my health’s sake, let’s call the ex Tony, call the new guy Jack, and you are Jill (I don’t care if you’re a man, grow up).]

Jill, don’t ask Tony to get Jack a job. Especially if it seems like Tony still wants you. Forget seems. It is clear as day that Tony wants to get back with you or blow your back out for old time’s sake. Jack is no fool and knows this too. If he catches Tony on a dark empty street, there is a chance no one will ever see Tony again. Jill, with all this information available to you, do you believe it’s a good idea to go behind Jack’s back and get him this job that he’s after? Have you not seen Soul Food? That’s just a big no-no.

There are certain things you do and keep quiet. For example, you let your man win at Monopoly sometimes just to stroke his ego. Then he gets out of line one day, so you tell him that him and his thimble ain’t sh*t and you let him win every time. That will cause a slight sting perhaps, but he’ll get over it. Then there are things you don’t do. How would you feel if you found out the reason you got your dream job wasn’t because of a recognition of talent, but instead it was because your man’s ex-whatever who is smart, sexy, conniving, and more successful than thou, got you the job? I’ll tell you. You would feel pretty low.

I haven’t been in the situation before, but I can only imagine that to a proud man, landing a job after struggling a little bit and being able to support your family is a great feeling. Just filled with pride knowing that you got the job because of your skill. Having that feeling stripped away from you has to be painful. I understand if there is a child to take care of and a mortgage to pay, a man or woman for that matter might have to swallow their pride. If it get’s down to that, then at least sit down have a talk about it first. Say,

Jack, I know you don’t want to hear this, but we need help. Tony can get you a job at Walmart the firm you have been looking at. Don’t be upset, but we have to think about Lil’ Rayray and them. If Tony even smirks at you the wrong way, I will completely understand if you feel the need to put him in a choke hold. I love you baby, it’s only temporary.”

Jack will be sold at choke hold.

– Vic Louis



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4 responses to “Pride

  1. yeah that was a bad move. I cringed while it was happening. Reminded me of Soul Food (the movie) when Bird tried to get a job for Lem from her ex. NOT COOL.

    I just watched that movie from redbox over the weekend and it was worth the 1.08 I paid for it. smh. horrible, horrible. Jill was playing super dense and Troy was trying to break bad–but I did understand the issues with his pride. She shouldn’t have told her friends all about their money and his job issues.

  2. Inquiring M.

    Vic, you too good for Walmart? LOL

    I saw this wack @ss movie at the theatre… “WHYYYYYYYY?”… Anyway, that part never did sit well with me (amogst many others), *in my Jill Scott voice* it just don’t make no sense.

  3. Best Buddy

    I think you can do MANY blogs on this movie because there is so much going on that makes no sense…troy was a little insecure in this movie and he says it, jill just completely tops it off by asking Mike for a job for troy.

  4. Yea, Jill od’ed. There are MANY avenues to helping your man get on his feet. The ex should NEVER be an option in that. EVER. Nope not ever.

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