Zombies, Hookers, and Ghosts

I don’t know what is going on with me today. I think I’m experiencing a case of ADHD. If not that then it’s WNS, the Weekend is Near Syndrome. I just can’t concentrate. Since this morning my thoughts have been all over the place like a hooker on Fridays. My mind is on a plane to Tokyo, my neck is a few quick turns away from whiplash, my upper body is still, and my legs are river dancing under my desk. Surprisingly my co-worker showed me a story that grabbed my attention and like a tranquilizer it settled me down a bit. It was a story about Zombies in Haiti. Click HERE to read it, then keep reading the post.

Am I a believer? Uh, the living-dead b.s. you see in movies? Negative, I don’t believe that one bit. Can something Resident Evil style happen? I’m not really sure, I’d have to ask my local friendly scientist. I do believe someone can be drugged to appear dead. I mean duh, haven’t you seen Saw ? Seriously, I’m pretty sure these drugs exist. Then once the coast is clear, dig up the body and continue to keep them all drugged up & serve as slaves. If any dumbass can get their hands on date rape drugs, this whole “real-life” zombie thing doesn’t surprise me. Minus the biting of course.

While we’re on the subject. Well you know, zombies, ghouls, ghosts – it’s all the same sh*t. Ghosts, am I a believer? I’m on the fence. I’m more of a “seeing is believing” kind of guy. Can’t say yes and can’t say no because I have no proof either way. I just know there are a lot of mysterious things out there. I do know some adults who are still afraid to say “Candyman” three times or say “Blood Mary” in the mirror. That’s pretty hilarious.

So my28cents readers, do you believe in any of this stuff? Why or why not?

– Vic Louis
If you are wondering why I put Hookers in the title…. I don’t know, seemed like the right thing to do. My conscience told me to follow my conscience.



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2 responses to “Zombies, Hookers, and Ghosts

  1. Yes, I do. I have the pleasure of having Haitians in abundance in my life and some say they’ve seen it or family have seen it. Check out the “Serpent and the Rainbow.” mwuhahahhahahha

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