Where Do I Find a Girlfriend?

Sometimes children say things that make absolutely no sense. Other times they make up things you just wouldn’t expect. For example, mini-me (aka my nephew to any new comers) told his mother that he and I robbed a bank on Saturday. In reality I stayed in my room and watched tv while he played some basketball game on his Gamecube. Aside from the out of this world comments, kids also ask a million questions. Some are plain silly, some are reasonable and others as an adult make you say “Hmm… that’s a damn good question.” Case in point, “Where do I find a girlfriend?”

That is what my nephew asked his mother after discovering his cousin of the same age had a girlfriend. Thanks to Bill Cosby and our very own experiences, we all know that kids say the darndest things. We laugh, share the comments with family and friends, then move on. I can’t move on in this case because I’m stumped. The answer is simple for children – school. Where else would they meet them? Not like there’s a lounge for children, where they can hang out, eat, and order a Juicy Juice on the rocks. Actually, nevermind they do have a place like that. It’s called Chuck E. Cheese.

Anyway, if an adult asked me that question I’d suck my teeth, shrug my shoulders and say “I dunno.” Most couples I know met in school, but that doesn’t help those who are finished. Now I’m stuck wondering, where do you find a girlfriend or boyfriend?

Maybe. Seems to work on tv. Personally, I don’t like spending too much time at the market so I’d usually aim to be in and out. Besides, something about watching a person fill their cart with 3 buckets of triple chocolate ice cream, Crisco, frosted flakes, and a liter of diet coke doesn’t really do it for me.

I don’t know about you, but I usually hear people say you can’t find love at the club. Which is weird because most of us go to clubs or at least used to. That being said, what is wrong with the people you meet there? Is it simply that the good girls don’t give out their numbers in that environment and the good guys don’t ask? I doubt it. Regardless, in my younger days I met several people at the club. It’s safe to say not one of them has any significance in my life right now (nor did they ever). Maybe there is some truth to the stigma?

If you are going to church just to meet people for sake of relations or relationships, that’s pretty creepy and desperate. Besides, its common knowledge you can meet the same people from church at the club.

Personally I’d avoid this because it seems like a conflict of interest if your job is your career and not just a job. Most companies frown on it and also, if things go wrong do you really want to be stuck near this person? However, this actually works out for a lot of people so I suppose it’s a good place. Well, where you work plays a big part. If you’re a man looking for a woman and you work at a prison….. good luck?

Sure, you’ll find ideal victims candidates at weddings, however, I’ve been to enough to know otherwise. On several occasions I’ve seen some women get knocked over during the bouquet catching ceremonies. Can’t speak for us all, but to me as a man, that just sends up red flags. Psycho alert. Then comes the guys. In some few instances I’ve seen some men go into wide receiver mode and go out their way to catch the garter, but they’re usually drunk or motivated because the woman who caught the bouquet is attractive. Then you have the guys that watch as the garter falls beside their feet. They stare at it for several seconds, while their eyebrows collect sweat. They stare at it while calculating their impending doom. Their lips move, but nothing comes out. What are they thinking? F*ck my life.

I’m still stuck, so help me out if you know the answer. Hopefully he doesn’t ask me the same question when he’s older. The way society and technology are going, my answer will probably end with a dot com.

– Vic Louis
Still don’t understand how I managed to pull a neck muscle while drying myself off after a shower. Keep telling people I’m getting old and they laugh.



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6 responses to “Where Do I Find a Girlfriend?

  1. G

    School .. Some adults are still going to school. City Events [boston is soooo small] hate to say this FB too creepy for me but it works for some.

  2. Best buddy

    Hahaha I have been telling you that your getting old for years 😛
    But I use to always have same question after finishing college, that’s a tough one but usually people meet in all the ones you mentioned or maybe through a friend or family member.

  3. bubblez410

    I guess it would depend on the type of person you are because if you are a home body good luck tring to find someone.. lol On the other hand you can meet a potential boyfriend/girlfriend thru friends, at political events, parties, the more events a person goes to, the better there chances are at finding a significant other. Those are some of my thoughts on the subject. 🙂

  4. perfectly imperfect

    Lmfao at juicy juice on the rocks.

    Fyi I pulled a neck muscle in hs drying out the shower. Had to walk around with a neck brace for a week and dooped on drugs. I still remember having to explain it and how silly it sounded but it def does happen.

    How about finding a girlfriend at the hospital lol or a library

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