Live Foolishly, Die Foolishly

It isn’t the most breathtaking video you will ever see, however, you have to watch the whole thing to see how undeniably stupid this man is. Besides, you will have no idea what I’m talking about otherwise.

I know, it was anticlimactic. I too was waiting for him to crash, fly up thousands of feet, land but live, and then get hit by an 18 wheeler.  Sounds cruel I know, but I’ve lost some people to motorcycle accidents so stuff like this frustrates me. The movies Biker Boyz and Torque came out years ago so I’m pretty sure auditions are over. No logical need for this besides having a death wish. Maybe he played Road Rash way too much as a child, I don’t know.

I, like any other guy think motorcycles are cool, but you won’t catch me doing that. Say what you want. Call me a 6-year-old girl trapped in a 28-year-old man’s body…I’ll be dat. The smallest event could have ended that guy’s life and call me cold, but I wouldn’t feel bad for him after watching the video.

The video could very well be fake for all I know. Truthfully it’s just a prop being used for the big picture. Whether it be a dangerous bike ride, being a gun-toting gangster, or having unprotected sex with anything with a pulse – If you live foolishly you will die foolishly. Plain and simple.

That’s my 28 cents for the day, but before I go just one question:

Does Russia not have police? Where the hell were they? If I took an illegal left turn I would immediately be surrounded by 5 cruisers, a motorcycle cop, horse patrol, foot patrol, 1 unmarked vehicle, the pig from Charlotte’s Web, the A-Team, and Jack Bauer.

– Vic Louis
E., thanks for the video sir.



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3 responses to “Live Foolishly, Die Foolishly

  1. Inquiring M.

    “… the pig from Charlotte’s Web’s…” = I died.

    Anyway, that was freeeeeking RIDICULOUS! I asked myself the same questions… “who does dumb sh!t like dat?” “where duh police at?” “why ain’t nobody honking and giving him the finger?”… “that’s it?”

  2. skinnyT

    That vid was hot, dont front =-p
    Next time I will make one with dual cameras front and back =-)

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