Deuces to the Vultures

I’m not a big fan of Chris Brown. No, I didn’t jump off his bandwagon after he became Chris “Woman-Beater” Brown, I just never was – period. That’s not really saying much because honestly I only like a handful of male r&b solo artists to begin with. Anyway, though I can’t think of any now, I’m sure he had a few tracks that I thought were decent. “Deuces” on the other hand, I would roll down the car windows, turn up the volume while stuck in traffic, and obnoxiously force the surrounding vehicles to listen along.

It’s probably not what he was going for, but I actually find the song hilarious. Maybe the fact that I not only woke up on the wrong side of the bed this morning, but also woke up under it has something to do with it. Either that or some cruel spirit with a Chucky state-of-mind secretly resides within me.

This isn’t really about my liking of the song. More importantly it provoked some thought. I wonder, how do you get to that point in a relationship? I’m just going to focus on Chris’s words because otherwise the rest of the song may become a rigamarole to unfamiliar ears.

“You aint nothin but a vulture
Always hopin for the worst
Waiting for me to f$ck up”

How do you get to the point where you are in a relationship with someone and think he or she vulture?  I couldn’t live like that. That way I see it, someone who is out to get me is an enemy of mine. I could come up with a few names for some girls I’ve been involved with in the past, but vulture is a strong word in that context.

Vultures just wait to feed on dead carcasses, they are scavengers. Translation,  this person will stick around to take advantage of your downfall. He or she doesn’t do much, no positive energy and will take what’s yours or all you have left.

A vulture doesn’t kill healthy animals, but it will attack the wounded or sick. Translation, this person will kick you while you are down. When things are going well for you, you are too strong to be victimized. However, when you are down and out be prepared for them to strike.

Vultures can be found everywhere except for Antarctica. Translation, you have to be real cold to get rid of them. Just like in the song.

Think you’re with a vulture? My 28 cents on it? Soccer kick their vulture butt out of the nest when they’re just an egg. Can’t allow something like that to grow.


– Vic Louis
p.s. Vultures also pee straight down their legs. I wasn’t sure how to fit that into this post, however, I thought you should know. It might be of use to you. You’re welcome.



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15 responses to “Deuces to the Vultures

  1. TheBubblyBlackGirl

    Vultures flock together. #JustAThought

  2. Inquiring M.

    Vultures are also black or brown! #foodforthought… wait I’m black, but I’m no vulture… I’m more of a flamingo.

  3. *throws up* (re:the picture)
    ok I’m back. Some of you men like unstable, crazy (vulture-like) women so there you go.

  4. bubblez410

    Chris Brown is just hurt and by using those lyrics he is just a big baby and needs to grow up and mature.. It makes him look like he is dumb for sticking around someone that was or is a “vulture” and was not a supportive of him. Don’t get me wrong, I like the beat of the song, but what can I say, he is still immature. I guess he was blind or is likes to be a masochist if he was in a relationship that was not a good one.

  5. perfectly imperfect

    I might be off here but don’t they also like spit up their food and eat it again?

    Either way this is a super awesome post. I got ride of one after 2 years and a huge light bulb went on when I read that they prey on your weakness etc. Def only kicked me when I was down and needed them to step to the plant whenever I was up high they were by my side proclaiming glories.

    Thanks for the eye opening perspective

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