If you ever found your way to the “About Vic Louis” page, you may have noticed I have a Bachelor’s of Science in Electronic Engineering Technology. However, if you know that fun fact, then you also know that I’m not working in that field. After 4 years of blood, sweat, and tears – well maybe just sweat because those buildings were hot – I received this big piece of paper with my name and a couple of signatures on it. 6 years later I decided to put that piece of paper in a frame and it now hangs above my head as I write. What’s the significance behind it? I have no idea. I just know that’s not what I’m chasing.

Don’t get me wrong, electronics and circuits still get me as excited as Barney does to a 3 yr old (you can read into that however you’d like), but maybe that’s not my gift. I’m a realist so maybe writing isn’t either. However, I have faith and believe in myself so that’s what I’m chasing man, that’s what I’m chasing. When I was a little lad I had a t-shirt that read “Young, Black, and Gifted.” I cherished that shirt and told myself I would excel at something that makes me happy. Whatever it is, I’m going to tap into my gifts and make something of it. Right now I want to make billions from epiphanies and imagination, and have fun doing it. That’s me though, what about you?

I suspect that millions live a settled life. They land a decent job, get married and have kids. Some are content, but not as happy as they could be. Others are miserable, but for both types the book ends there. Unfortunately their gift(s) remain unopened and the possibilities aren’t explored. For some, their gifts present themselves at an early age. Others have to wait and some have to unlock theirs. Some gifts even appear as curses at first. The point is, everyone is gifted and just have to translate it into something. Look at Rudolph for example, the kids used to call him names and then he saved Christmas. “Did he just use a cartoon reindeer to make a point?” Damn right I did.

It may not immediately smack you in the face like Bilal’s dragon-breath in House Party, but there’s something special hiding in you. Maybe you are the best burger flipper on thee planet, hands down. You are thee Tiger Woods of burger flipping, without the club swinging wife. You are thee Michael Jordan of burger flipping, without the Hanes commercials. You are thee Mike Tyson… ok I’ll stop.  Who cares if its burger flipping, as long as you do it with pride and feel good about yourself at the end of the day, that’s all that matters. I intentionally didn’t use great examples, sometimes superficial remarks leave deep impacts.

– Vic Louis
p.s. Lost my first fantasy football game of the season. Damn you Chris Johnson for scoring TD’s. I don’t care if that’s your job, Jerk.



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3 responses to “Gifted

  1. Bubblez410

    Your post today is very relevant to many people, I for one did the same, went to college, graduated and I am not working within the field of my major. 😦 But when you say that “as long as you do it with pride and feel good about yourself at the end of the day, that’s all that matters”.. that is something my parents have always said. I am still waiting for my big moment where I find a job that is more suitable for me and I enjoy waking up to go to work. 🙂 I can dream

  2. skinnyT

    Good posts! (Clapping hands)

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