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Before I Kick the Bucket

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“Yo, yo if I had twenty-four hours to kick the bucket, f*ck it
I’d probably eat some fried chicken and drink a Nantucket.”

Jadakiss verse – 24 Hours to Live. You’re welcome.

Lately I’ve been hearing a lot of people my age talk about their bucket list. I know I often joke around about getting old, but damn. This is a little premature no? I think many of you have been attacked by a pre-mid-life crisis. Even after watching The Bucket List, I didn’t feel any pressure because I’m not even close to Morgan Freeman’s age. I never really thought about what I wanted to do before I died except for the usual things such as  buy a house, get married, have kids and make them do all the chores, role-play with my wife, and win the lotto. With everyone bringing it up like it’s a trending topic on Twitter, I’m forced to think about it.
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The Window


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My eyes are bloodshot. Today has been the longest stakeout in my history of surveillance. I should be wired after downing several cups of black coffee and Red Bull, but it no longer has any effect on me. I suppose I’m immune to caffeine, an immunity built from overuse. The only thing changing about this day is the time. Time spent looking through a piece of dirty glass, a mirror with a dull reflection, a window.

It’s been two hours since I’ve been staring out of my window looking into another without any activity other than what’s in the street. Two hours since my green partner has been gone. It doesn’t take anyone that long to get coffee, not even a rookie. Crowds of people walk by, unaware of their proximity to Garrison, one of the world’s most dangerous men. They are going about with their lives unaware that I’m watching them all. Watching through my transparent portal, I see a lot of things other than what I’m here for.
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Codename: Vic Louis

Lipstick used to make a symbolic kiss.
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Location: Undisclosed Middle school parking lot
Date/Time: Q3 1995, 15:05

I stood still while my partner convinced the young female operative to cooperate. The cool fall breeze massaged my face as I patiently waited in the school parking lot. I have no idea what words were said, but whatever he said worked. Finally the operative agreed to go along with the mission.  I didn’t think he would be able to pull it off, but the force is strong in that one.

Our mission was to infiltrate the adjacent building undetected and make an exchange. It was my first mission like that, however, I did not allow my inexperience to show. We approached the double glass doors and I spotted a single guard in front of computer monitor, watching internet porn most likely. We walked in and immediately caught the guard’s attention. He confidently, perhaps over confidently, told us we weren’t allowed in the building. I pretended to be lost and as soon as he was in range I disabled him with a powerful throat chop. His body dropped faster than a hooker’s panties. We were almost there, but not out of danger yet.
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