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I wasn’t going to direct my attention to politics today, however, after waking up and seeing all the Facebook statuses praising or rejecting the outcomes of the elections, I’m left wondering about some things. These things aren’t new, but I suppose I now feel more inclined to write them down. Some things I wonder about voters:

I wonder how many people vote who actually know anything about politics. It amazed me to see statuses such as “Yes, Deval Patrick won!” coming from people who normally have statuses such as “My lip gloss is poppin’.” People like this could very well be political geniuses, but I doubt it so I wonder. I also wonder which type of people are worse, people who don’t know anything about politics and don’t vote, or people who don’t know anything about politics and cast uneducated votes.

Going back to only a couple of years ago, I wonder how many people voted for Obama because he is black. Didn’t tune into a single debate, no idea what his policies were, nor had a clue on how he planned to change the country, but voted for him. Not because he was the right man for the job, but just because he is black. On the flip side and maybe more importantly, to me at least, I wonder how many people didn’t vote for him for the same reason. I wonder which number is greater, voted for or voted against him because is black. I do wonder.

I wonder how many people are democrats or republicans because their parents are so that’s all they know. I wonder how many people vote for the candidate of their party, knowing damn well he or she will ruin the world. I wonder how many people my age have never voted, not even once. I wonder how many people vote for the lesser of two evils. That is a pretty depressing predicament to be in.

If you noticed, there aren’t any question marks in this post. It’s because I’m not really asking, I’m just wondering on paper (uh…  on web?). Feel free to shed some light, however.

– Vic Louis

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  1. bubblez410

    All I can add is that I hope people make consciences decisions when they vote and that they don’t vote because of x, y, or z but that they vote for the candidate that can get things done. All politicians have their pros and cons, I just hope that people vote for candidates that have a decent track record. Although as u pointed out, some people vote just with no clue as to who they are should vote for, but I guess I would rather have them vote, as opposed to those who say they only vote for presidential elections but won’t vote for a change in their own neighborhood yet they want change… Smh
    I can keep going but I will cut it short. 🙂

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