The Door

Bench and old door in Bahrain.
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You can feel the walls closing in. No bars, nothing but speechless walls. The weight of the ceiling rests on your small, but powerful shoulders. How much longer can you stand there? The longer you remain still, the harder it is to get out. It doesn’t stop there though. There is a loud silence. The room is hot, but the heat is off. The room is dark, but the light is on. You are in a box with no windows and there’s only one way out. A door, a door you have never seen before. There’s an inscription on it, it reads “Opportunity.”  But what really rests behind this door? You are not sure, but you know fear stands right before you. Will your fate be decided by a single decision? The voice on the other side is telling you to open it. But how can you trust what you know nothing about? It’s foreign to you and you are afraid of taking a chance.

Scared, you touch the knob. It feels hot so you hesitate. You think about it some more, but you know you shouldn’t be afraid. Finally you build the courage to turn it. Shit, the door is locked. Ultimately there’s no way out. You feel defeated. Your head sinks and you begin to walk away. However, after only a few steps you stop. You raise your head and smile. You turn around and face your fear once more. You run towards the door and kick it down with SWAT Team style and grace. Your fists are balled, ready to take on whatever is thrown at you. You are calm now because you realized what was waiting for you all this time:

Endless Possibilites

– Vic Louis
11/08/10 12:42 AM

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4 responses to “The Door

  1. Beast I think this just got me fired up for the morning.

  2. bubblez410

    Definitely excited that I was able to read today’s post early! Right about now, what seemed to be a dreadful day at work, no longer feels that way. This was a very motivating post. Thanks! 🙂

  3. Inquiring M.

    Boy you better GO! uhn uhn uhn… poetic!

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