I Have Returned

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My vacation is over folks. I came back yesterday morning only to get a cold reception. The weather wasn’t that great either. After  the plane landed, the Florida native beside me who was only wearing a t-shirt look terrified when they announced “Welcome to Boston, the current temperature is 34 degrees.” He looked at me as if asking for help. I shrugged, that’s the only comfort I could offer. Anyway, I’m back and feeling refreshed. I’m ready to take on the world. This wonderful state-of-mind will of course cower deep into my soul the moment I press the elevator button when I get to work tomorrow. It actually feels kind of weird to be back and I can’t help but to think about my trip which seems like a blur.

I did some cool new things. I went inside a Wal-Mart grocery store. I didn’t even know such a thing existed. Also, I took a mid-afternoon nap on a Monday. It was  amazing, I’ve never experienced that before.  It was better than french fries and mayonnaise*. I thought I was heaven until my cell phone rang. In addition I got a pedicure for the first time. I felt like I lost some G-points, but right after me this guy who looked like he just escaped from prison also got one. I felt better after that. The nail technician said I had nice finger and toe nails and was surprised it was my first time (take that D). That’s just the silly, my entire trip was a blast. I enjoyed every single second of it. The only bad part was packing to return. King Leroy was the most excited to see me back home. What can I say, my pet frog needs and missed me.
* No, I don’t eat that.

Besides doing new things, I learned some new things too:

1. You should not give too much garlic to a baby as they might be allergic to it (I know nothing about babies).

2. #1 applies to more than just garlic (Now if I can just stomach the thought of changing diapers, I’m ready to enter fatherhood).

3. There’s such a thing called a strip-club club. No, it’s not a typo or a sandwich. As described to me it’s a club and a strip club all in one. You can also get a haircut there and eat dinner.  Why does this amaze me? Well I live in Boston as you know. Here it is illegal to sneeze while wearing shorts and sneezing isn’t allowed after 2am. Violators will be fined.

4. More importantly I learned something that everyone can take in. I learned that sometimes you should just go for it. Don’t over think it, don’t sleep on it, don’t doubt yourself, just do it. In “The Door” I alluded to the fact that sometimes you have to kick the door down which is common. In addition to that, sometimes a small window of opportunity will present itself and you need to climb right through it without hesitation. Once it closes, it may never re-open.

– Vic Louis
p.s.   Check out the picture. If you look closely, you can see me in the 5th window. Don’t see me? Keep looking, I’m there.

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10 responses to “I Have Returned

  1. best buddy

    Welcome back buddy….didn’t call me but its ok I forgive you haha

  2. skinnyT

    …so are you saying you climbed through a bathroom window into a strip club club to get a pedicure by an allergic baby???
    That sounds like an AWESOME break!

    • Lol, I couldn’t have interpreted that better if I tried. I didn’t get to check it out but it was advertised on the radio more than drug addict celebrities make the news.

  3. Bubblez410

    Nice to have you back safe and sound! Back to having my lunch time readings!! 🙂

  4. Yo don’t sleep on french fries and ketchup and mayonnaise. It’s artery cloggin good! ROFL I never knew a Walmart NOT to have groceries! That’s where we went to go grocery shopping, and you can get your hair and nails done and your pictures done and anything else you can think of. My cousin told me that only SUPER Walmarts have those things. Tis a pity. Why on earth would you give garlic to a baby? I don’t get it. They eat baby food no?

  5. Inquiring M.

    Aww… welcome back… I must say apart of me felt empty while you were gon’ (get yuh minds out the gutter I’m talmbout my daily reading ritual)… Ennnway, men getting pedicures is still ehhhh about 89.99756% gay in my book… lol… glad you had a blast.

    • Nice % lol . Well I sort of agree but a once in a blue type thing ain’t bad. But let me ask you, which would u prefer, a guy with jacked up feet or one that got a monthly pedicure? And by jacked up, I mean JACKED UP!

  6. willie

    lol that is the type of vac i would like to take

  7. willie

    but to come home in 34 degrees I THINK NOT LOL

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