Don’t Always Get the Girl

I watch a lot of movies, it’s my favorite pastime as you may already know. I don’t only watch them, I study them. Usually in every movie, no matter the genre, there is a common theme. There is a guy and there is a girl. The guy usually gets the girl and BAM, there’s your theme. Whether it’s a comedy, a drama, an action, or even a horror flick, regardless – the guy gets the girl. You probably didn’t notice, but even Michael Myers got some cutty in the hundreds of Halloween movies. Why do you think he’s so laid back and doesn’t run after his victims? The man is relaxed.* Think about it. Have you ever chased anyone immediately following great sex? Nope. Anyway, I was watching a movie last night and surprisingly the guy didn’t get the girl after all his efforts. It called for a moment of deep reflection.

The movie I was watching was Rambo, the latest one which was released in 2008. This was the most classic and common setup for the “guy gets the girl” theme in an action movie. You have Rambo (the guy/hero) and some blonde lady (the girl). From jump I was certain he was going to end up with her and she would have a bunch of little Rambo babies. Throughout the movie there were signs, or scenes rather, that supported my assumptions. She was able to sway him to be their boat guide. He put her in charge and would only follow her decisions. He saved her from getting raped. He gave her that “I’m tough yet gentle and caring” look. She rubbed his ridiculously thick – forearm. All that crap. He even saved her from getting raped a second time and rescued her from her abductors. In summary, there was a lot of chemistry, I felt it.

In a span of 15 movie minutes leading to the end of the film, Rambo single-handedly killed at approximately 10,136.54 people. He killed them all because of her if you break it down. After it was all said and done, even though Rambo was closer to her, she ran off looking for some other guy. Remember the scene from Love Jones when Darius darted to the train station to stop Nina? Well it was just like that except they were in the jungle, there were dead people, genders were reversed, there was no train, and – ok maybe it wasn’t like that. Finally she found the guy and hugged him like he saved the day. Then she just turned back and looked at Rambo, the real man who saved them all. The man she led on. I think he almost cried. What kind of cruel woman breaks Rambo’s heart? He should have shot her and made it 10,137.54 people.

John Rambo, you are not alone. Take away the blood, the tears, the exaggerated kill count, lack of dialogue, and I’ve been there.  Back in high school that is, before I became the epically dashing hero I am today. In my day I’ve rescued a few helpless almost-victims and didn’t even get a handshake or head nod. There was this beautiful girl who whispered sweet nothings to me daily. I gave her all I had. This one time after school, she winked at me and suddenly the wind pushed her out onto the street in front of an oncoming bus. Without hesitation I dove out into the street, pushed her out of the way and stopped the bus with the palm of my hand. Everyone cheered and praised me except for her. She ran off and hugged some other guy as if he saved her. Maybe I made that up, maybe I didn’t. It’s how I cope with the pain. Back then it’s possible I was naive, blind, young, foolish, or all of the above, but I went above and beyond a few times without getting the girl. Truly I couldn’t care less about that, I know you don’t always get the girl, but there is a message here.  It’s wrong to mislead people who do so much for you, Rambo especially.

Have you ever gone above and beyond for someone and didn’t receive the outcome you hoped for?

– Super Vic

* If you listen carefully he isn’t breathing hard, he’s whispering “Aaaaaaahhhhhhhhh skeet skeet.” Yea, it’s going to be a long day.



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7 responses to “Don’t Always Get the Girl

  1. Dimples

    Super Vic, Wowwww ur such a good writer in all honesty =) Once again I enjoyed reading ur blog. I have to say I can totally relate and Man Does that suck!!! I can’t stand it when people are misleading….Hope ur having a GREAT Day!!!

  2. Inquiring M.

    “Maybe I made that up, maybe I didn’t.”
    I can’t believe you actually wrote that… smh… IT’S BRILLIANT! (lol)

    Anyway, I think I’ve been mislead a few times… from what I hear I did some misleading of my own *shrug*. I call it growing pains. Most people don’t intensionally mislead… it.just.happens… sometimes.

    • I mean, it could be true. Stranger things have happened…

    • “sometimes”
      Yes, exactly. Some people do it knowingly and don’t care.
      Women mostly :p

      • SMH. And men don’t? C’mon Vic don’t do that now. No need to single out women because both genders do it ALL.THE.TIME.

      • Hello there,

        I’m not sure how women are being singled out. I’m referencing a movie, I can’t change the script. In addition I’m referencing my personal experiences. As a heterosexual male, my experiences just so happen to involve women.

        Lastly, the moral of the story which was pointed out does not say that Women should not mislead Men. Genders were intentionally left out as the statement applies to everyone, male, female, unknown, heterosexual, homosexual, bisexual. I certainly wouldn’t purposely single out women on this topic

        (1/10/11 6pm)
        Ugh sorry, that’s what I get for using my phone. It showed your comment was in response to the entire post. Wrote all that for nothing. Anyway, I was joking. Hence the 😛

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