Role Model

Every once in a while in my nephew’s presence, I’ll notice him staring at me and smiling. Studying my behavior, watching my every move as if to mimic it later. He’s looking up to me if you will.  I’m his uncle, Godfather, and role model. Three titles I’m honored to have and do my best to uphold. I’m assuming the feeling would be amplified if I had sons and daughters of my own.

Fat Joe and Lil’ Wayne might be able to make it rain money, but that doesn’t impress children. Doesn’t impress  my nephew. When he was younger he thought I could actually control the weather and make it rain or make it stop. Beat that. He outgrew that notion, but still he innocently thinks I can do anything. Whenever he discovers the things I can’t do he laughs in disbelief and surprise.  My inability to swim or dunk are currently his favorite things to laugh about, but I’m still a superhero in his small eyes. I must admit, it feels great.

With all of this in mind, I can’t help but to wonder about the hundreds, thousands, or millions of men who run away from this responsibility. It doesn’t make sense to me. A common excuse is that they  grew up without fathers. I could be wrong, but I would think that would be motivation to step up when their turn comes around.

I don’t like to put everyone in the same tiny box. Maybe some men have their reasons for abandoning their children. Maybe even, they spend the rest of their entire lives regretting it. Unfortunately though,  what isn’t shown will always remain unknown. More importantly, what we should realize is that whatever the reason, good or bad, the kids may never understand. Even when the kids become the adults, they may never understand.

I must go now. For the time being he also thinks I’m a NBA 2k11 legend and is requesting my help. Unlike controlling weather, this I can at least try to live up to his expectations.

– Vic Louis



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3 responses to “Role Model

  1. Willie

    Man i no that feeling to have a kid look up to you it makes you see all the thing that you need to change in life . But for you keep doing what you are doing for him because one day it well be the other way around. And he will make you proud

  2. Willie

    But for those dum ASS dad’s out there that does not want to be there for there kid are cowards and wish that there DICK’s will fall off so that they can not have sex or kids lol

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