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The 3 L’s

I’m back!  No, not really. Lately a few old friends keep bringing up my blog so I decided to log in for nostalgic purposes. I see that I have 49 unfinished and unpublished posts. Since I’m in need of a mental getaway, maybe I’ll go ahead and finish a few of the posts I started. I say a few because I barely remember what I thinking yesterday, nevermind trying to remember where I was going with an idea 3 years ago.

I wrote this, or at least last edited this on January 19th, 2011.  Other than some spelling errors, I’m just going to leave it  unfinished and post as is for many reasons. Many many many reasons. Many many many many…ok you get it.

The 3 L’s

I miss my youth. There was less pressure back then. The word babies was hardly spoken to me. The word marriage seemed like it was reserved for folks a few years away from Viagra dependency. The transition to my current point in life was fast. Way too fast. One minute I was young and partying wrecklessly, then  I was grown and sexy partying a little more responsibly, and suddenly I’m just old. I don’t hear about parties anymore. Now it’s marriage this, baby that. I can’t go a day without hearing about it. I beginning to wish the plague upon anyone who dares approach me about this. However, this post isn’t about me. I’ve already expressed  my refusal to be pressured. This is for you. You being the people who are in such a rush, you are confusing the 3 L’s. Like. Lust. Love.  And also for the people getting outside pressure. Don’t run, I’m here to help. I won’t save you 15% off car insurance, but if you’re a woman I might save you from tattooing “DaShawn’s Property” on your left butt cheek. Or if you’re a guy, I might save you from you from 3.3 baby mommas.

Simply means you take pleasure in something. There’s no forever attached to it. You can like ice cream today and hate it tomorrow. Better yet, what you like right now may not be good for you in 10 minutes.  Control yourself, don’t make it more than what it really is. Often times your inner desires will make you believe someone has everything you’ve been searching for when they really have 20%.

Means you’re horny and the sex is good. Somehow this creates an illusion that all your needs are fulfilled. Be careful though. Sometimes the words “I Love You” are thrown in during dirty monkey time. The reason for this is because “Your p**sy is bomb and I want do this again very soon” is quite the mouthful and awkward. Unfortunately “I lust you” hasn’t been accepted into modern society yet so act accordingly.




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