About Vic Louis

My name is Vic Louis, I am an aspiring novelist and screenwriter.  I’m a big daydreamer, almost every day a single small event triggers an entire story that builds in my mind. By the time I snap out of it I,  1.)  wonder how I managed not to crash on the highway and 2.) have the plot for a new story.

The thought of becoming a writer has been in my head for years now and I’m finally getting around to truly pursuing my dream.  I have started to read several books on writing and will be taking courses in the very near future.

The one tip I continuously  come across is to write daily, so I started to do so.  For practice I have been writing short stories and mainly writing down my random thoughts, then I realized I should share them.  I never really followed blogs until a friend of mine sent me a link to a funny story.  I continued to follow the blog and that alone inspired me to create my own.  So here I am to offer my 28 cents. I hope you enjoy my posts and continue to follow me as I improve my writing skill.

Going to go a little further and tell you a few additional things. List a few things about me I should say. Kind of like those surveys people used to put on their Myspace profiles (maybe they still do?). Except no questions listed, just answers.

  • I’m the youngest and only boy.
  • I have an obsession with t-shirts and can’t stop buying them.
  • My favorite color is dark blue, but I don’t own a single dark blue t-shirt. Go figure.
  • In 6th grade I got glasses only to be used to see the board. Never wore them. In 12th grade my sister bought me frames that were so hot I never took them off. Now I can’t see without ’em. It’s ok though, my glasses add substance to my “thinking man” pose!
  • For some reason I currently own 718 dvds excluding tv series. No they aren’t bootleg (smh).
  • I used to be Eucharistic Minister back in the day. That always surprises people. I’m a saint so I don’t know why…..
  • I’m a Virgo. Love how I got stuck with the most feminine astrological sign.
  • I have a Bachelor’s of Science in Electronic Engineering Technology. Waste of 4 years. There’s no sense in blaming it on myself, so I blame my high school guidance counselor.
  • I saw bits and pieces of the movie Six Degrees of Separation at a very young age. Too young in fact. The images still haunt me today.
  • I had my first girlfriend at age 10. I never called her, never went out and I pretty much just waved at her when I saw her. I think all relationships should be like that for all ages. Kidding…..well, partially.
  • I want to move to somewhere like FL that’s hot all year round, but I hate the heat. Makes no sense, I know.
  • I can’t swim. My 7-yr-old nephew can. When he found out that I can’t, he rubbed it in my face. I’m not really a fan of children, don’t know why people have them (kidding I love him).
  • I prefer Green, but I drink Johnnie Walker Black Label. That’s a fyi just in case you ever see me at a bar and are feeling generous.

If you have any questions you want to ask me about myself,  for advice, my opinion or anything all at check out my formspring account. Click here.
It’s anonymous so don’t worry.


8 responses to “About Vic Louis

  1. ESA

    Always follow your dreams Vic!

  2. Inquiring M.

    I can be such an airhead sometimes… It just dawned on me that I left a comment at your “how to reach me” page but obviously this is where the party is (although right now it looks like it’s just ESA and I, I’m sure the rest are on their way- :-D). Anyway, best of luck with this writing thing…and just to echo ESA, “dreams unfulfilled only become haunting nightmares” (that’s one of mine, but I’ll go ahead and throw a “real” writer out there for good measure lol).

    “Patience and fortitude conquer all things”- Ralph Waldo Emerson

  3. I love your style. Keep writing!

  4. Just had to let you let you know that you have a great voice as a writer, and that comment about having a girlfriend at 10 will have me laughing for a long time!

    Good luck with the writing career and can’t wait to go see one of your movies!

  5. Thank you all for the feedback & support. I really appreciate it.

  6. perfectly imperfect

    1. New pic….. O_o speechless sessy
    2. Green…..speechless again def couldn’t have guessed. Check! Sounds like we need to hang
    3. 716 movies….. I am just curious as to how you store them? Are they alphabetized?
    4. ‘Kids are def evil and must be nurtured to kindness not surprised you got teased. I can’t swim either but I can float on my back ….go figure.
    5. A Bachelor’s of Science in Electronic Engineering Technology?!?! I am so sure you can guess my next question O_O
    6. Virgos are nice people

    • Yea, I’m beyond late to respond to this – sorry.
      I have a big black (hmph) dvd rack that holds 748 dvds I think. Yea, they’re alphabetized otherwise I would never find anything.

  7. ROZAY


    This is great!!! I love to see you doing great by pursuing your dream….HAVE A GREAT DAY!!!

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