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Some time ago I wrote about a certain type of housewife. More specifically the ones who expect their husbands to bring home the bacon while they sit at home and watch soap operas such as The Dumb and The Hopeless. The types who truly believe that no woman should ever have to fill out a W-4 and get a job, neva eva, eva neva. Normally I would link to the old post, but I’m using a MAC and I don’t understand what’s happening. I’m a PC and Windows 7 was my idea. Anyway, I was aware that another type of housewife existed, but I failed to acknowledge them properly. Them being the ones who actually work hard day after day. Some choose it while others fall into the role, unlike the ones who believe it is the natural order of things. The ones that make me happy I have a day job with a set schedule. Reason being, I punch out at 4:30pm daily. Them? There’s no such thing unless you count sleeping.
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Throughout the course of you life you will be faced with many choices. Some of these choices will be petty and trivial, others may forever alter the course of your life. A war will take place between your conscience, your shoulders will be the battleground. It is your own battle to carry. You will feel lost, you will feel confused, and you will feel conflicted.

Your desires will conflict with your principles. The two will collide and there will be a great struggle. The decision you make might consume you, if your thoughts don’t get to you first. It will slowly eat away at you. You will have to weigh the pros and cons. The short-terms and the long-terms. You will look to family and friends, but they can not make the choice for you. It’s a mental game of tug-of-war, and you are the ringer. You will feel scared, you feel opposed, and you will feel conflicted.

What will you decide? Right from wrong? Good from bad? Easy and cowardly or hard and courageously? This isn’t 24, but the clock is ticking. Tick Tock. When the final minute strikes, you have to make an executive decision. Kool-Aid: Grape or Red? Like the world, the choice is yours.

– Vic Louis
Do they still make Tang?


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Live Foolishly, Die Foolishly

It isn’t the most breathtaking video you will ever see, however, you have to watch the whole thing to see how undeniably stupid this man is. Besides, you will have no idea what I’m talking about otherwise.

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