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I Want To Move in First

In yesterday’s post “Moving In” I asked the question, are you against moving in with your significant other prior to marriage or are you for it?  Below are the numbers I got from the poll (anything that came in after I wrote this is not included).

  • Against = 8           They were all women    ( If it seems like I can’t count it’s because one woman voted twice for “against.” Cheater!)
  • For it = 4               3 men and 1 woman
  • 50/50 = 1             woman

These numbers are questionable to me. In reality, practically every serious non-married couple I know live together. As for the married couples I know, they lived together before getting married. Anyway, thank you all for commenting. The reason I asked not to say why or why not is because I wanted the opportunity to write my thoughts down without feeling like I’m already engaged in a debate. So without further ado, as the title suggests I’m all for moving in first. Here’s why:
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I bet you are wondering what A.M.R. is? I’ll get to that in a moment, but don’t worry it’s not a gang or new drug or something. As I’m sure you are already aware,  a lot couples are rushing into marriage these days. Rushing to get married only to get divorced in a couple of years. On the other side of the spectrum you have couples who waited before getting married. Spent years together as husband and wife, then slowly moved apart. They too want to call it quits. They wouldn’t hesitate to sign divorce papers, but it’s so damn expensive. If only there was an easier way.
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Type of Woman I Hope Doesn’t Exist

I received a tip from a friend that Why Did I Get Married Too? was a good movie. When I asked if it was some marriage counseling movie, I was told no. I trusted my source and rented the movie when I got home. After the first hour, my initial thought was that I’d never ask that friend for stock advice. I felt like I was trapped between Waiting to Exhale (which I loathe)  and The Brothers (which is ok). I’d almost lost complete hope, but fortunately things got interesting in the last hour. I’ll spare you the movie review, you can find it here if you’re interested. I won’t spoil the movie or anything, but I’m writing this post for another reason. There’s one thing in this movie and the prequel that makes my head hurt. Her name is Angela.
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