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V.Louis’s Guide to Beauty

She is absolutely beautiful. She is smart, funny, kind, and generous. She speaks proper English not just because she’s educated, but because she is a sophisticated woman.  She drinks wine, not Mad Dog 20/20. She is a real woman, the kind every man dreams for. She is beautiful. All of this is below the surface, her inner beauty of course.
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What Women Should Not Tell Their Friends

I stumbled across a post on a blog site called Love is Dope. The short version of the particular post is that it’s about women over-sharing stuff about their man, good or bad. You can find the link at the end if you want to read it. I can’t really relate because most guys, or at least the ones I know, usually don’t say more than, “She’s doing fine.” I’ve always wondered what women I’ve been in a relationship with have said about me. I’m only one man so I can’t speak for all males, but here are some things I assume most men would not want their woman to release to her girlfriends. Nor your mother in some cases…
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That New Car Smell pt. II

As I mentioned in yesterday’s post, this is a 2 part series. If you haven’t read it yet, I’m talking about how people do all these things when a relationship is new. Once the newness dies, the flavor seems to dissipate as well. Yesterday was about the sweet little nothings that a person does at first. Then it turns into them doing, well… nothing. Today I’m going to say the things some people don’t want to hear and say the things other people are scared to say. Today, I’m getting into taking care of your body.
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