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The heat is unbearable. It is another hot day per usual, but I feel cold inside. I am cold because I know that a bitch named Death is waiting for me only miles away, perhaps even closer. A conniving and treacherous bitch she is, but I am not meant to meet her. Other than the sounds of the spinning blades and overworked engine, I am crowded by silence. Emptiness sits on my lap. I look around at the faces of the men around me, similar thoughts tickle their brains. I do what my mother has taught me to do at times like this, I put my head down and talk to my Father.
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Is the Plane Out of Fuel?

Simon Sky Diving
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Everyone wants to go skydiving lately. I’ve been asked by several people over the past year and they seem shocked that I say no. Why?
I’m not in the military. I’m not a paratrooper. I’m not going behind enemy lines and the only way in is to jump out of a plane. All of a sudden everyone in my age group wants to do this. Are you all having a pre-midlife crisis? Are you doing it for a rush? For excitement? My life has enough excitement. Every morning when I walk outside my house I wonder if I will find my car sitting on 2 (not even 4) cinder blocks with no wheels – again. When I hear sirens I wonder if I will get pulled over. Then I wonder if I will get shot because supposedly my cell phone resembled an assault rifle. That’s all the rush I need to jump-start my day. In addition, why would I pay money to jump out of a perfectly good plane?

A couple of days ago a friend of mine told me I should go sky diving, then blog about the experience. No sir, I will not. However, I will blog about why I refuse to do  it.
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If my life was a song

My friends are beyond random, but I still love ’em. A good friend of mine randomly texted me saying “If your life was a song what would it be? Figure out the answer and write a post on it. There. Done my good deed for the day.” I thought it was funny at first, but then I realized I had no idea what the answer was.  That and if I have anything to say about a reader suggested topic, I’ll give it a shot.
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