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The other night I experienced a set of life-altering events. I was so astonished by what I learned, that I jotted down all sorts of notes because the revelations would make great posts. Of course they were just ideas at the time, but like embryos they would be fed until they turned into something special and busted out my – nevermind, that analogy still needs some work, but you get the point. I had great ideas. With them I was going to change the world, post by post. Unfortunately something terrible happened the next morning and all was lost. I woke up. It was all a dream. While the ideas were great and could still be used, like most dreams I couldn’t remember anything. All I walked away with was an image of me driving around in a parking lot.  Driving a car which had no battery and 2 flat tires, yet a smooth ride it was. Why this didn’t give away the fact I was dreaming, the world may never know. The fact that an Ashton Kutcher look-a-like mysteriously rose from the ground and helped me fix the car, somehow didn’t send any reds flags either. Anyway, since my creative process has been interrupted I should take this opportunity to update you with what’s happening in my world.
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What’s Really Going On?

I don’t think I’ve provided you all with any updates about what’s going on since my birthday maybe? Let’s see – I picked up a second job about a month ago. It’s really fun, working 7 days a week. Still adjusting to it, but enjoying the extra money. There’s a mansion down the street with my name on it, so I have to work for it I suppose.

I registered for a Creative Writing class a few weeks ago and that starts this Tuesday. I’m looking forward to it. Also I’ve been asked to write for the  Ragnarok Clothing website. I’ll be handling the writing for products and events. Different style of writing so I’m glad the opportunity presented itself. This is irrelevant, but I found a new tv series addiction, The Unit.

Probably the biggest news which was a complete surprise to me is that I’m working on a screenplay as of, well less than a week ago. A friend a of friend who has been following my blog likes my writing style and pulled me in to assist with a great story he has. Once I heard about the characters, I was sold.  I’m up for the challenge and excited about being involved with that.

I think that’s about it for news. Things are going well all in all. Anyway, I’ll try to publish an actual post today, but I’m not sure if I will get a chance to. Have a lot of work to complete before I can comfortably and responsibly go on vacation in a week. 10 days of rest & relaxation 1485.46 miles away from my current location. You wouldn’t be able to tell if you were in the room with me, but I’m definitely jumping for joy.

– Vic Louis
p.s. If the words are really close to the edge of the window, I apologize. It’s not me unfortunately, otherwise I would fix it asap. It’s just the way the theme appears on certain monitors depending on the size of the screen. On my monitor at home, there’s actually way too much white space. On my monitor at work, the words are basically on the chopping block. Hopefully it gets fixed.


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If you ever found your way to the “About Vic Louis” page, you may have noticed I have a Bachelor’s of Science in Electronic Engineering Technology. However, if you know that fun fact, then you also know that I’m not working in that field. After 4 years of blood, sweat, and tears – well maybe just sweat because those buildings were hot – I received this big piece of paper with my name and a couple of signatures on it. 6 years later I decided to put that piece of paper in a frame and it now hangs above my head as I write. What’s the significance behind it? I have no idea. I just know that’s not what I’m chasing.
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