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I’m often perplexed by the harsh reaction certain women give when men approach them “incorrectly.” I’ve expressed this in countless face-to-face arguments as well as this very blog before you. I hear the same argument every time. Men are so aggressive and can’t take no for an answer. As a result, every man good or bad deserves a cold kick-to-the-groin response, unless of course he approaches said victim with a stack of hundred-dollar bills and mojitos for her and her friends. As the owner of this site, I have certain responsibilities. One of my responsibilities is to save the world, like jury duty it’s my civic obligation. I must inform women that there’s a subtle method to make someone go away. Normally I wouldn’t give out anti-men tips, but this is for the sake of mankind.
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Some time ago I wrote about a certain type of housewife. More specifically the ones who expect their husbands to bring home the bacon while they sit at home and watch soap operas such as The Dumb and The Hopeless. The types who truly believe that no woman should ever have to fill out a W-4 and get a job, neva eva, eva neva. Normally I would link to the old post, but I’m using a MAC and I don’t understand what’s happening. I’m a PC and Windows 7 was my idea. Anyway, I was aware that another type of housewife existed, but I failed to acknowledge them properly. Them being the ones who actually work hard day after day. Some choose it while others fall into the role, unlike the ones who believe it is the natural order of things. The ones that make me happy I have a day job with a set schedule. Reason being, I punch out at 4:30pm daily. Them? There’s no such thing unless you count sleeping.
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V.Louis’s Guide to Beauty

She is absolutely beautiful. She is smart, funny, kind, and generous. She speaks proper English not just because she’s educated, but because she is a sophisticated woman.  She drinks wine, not Mad Dog 20/20. She is a real woman, the kind every man dreams for. She is beautiful. All of this is below the surface, her inner beauty of course.
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