The other night I experienced a set of life-altering events. I was so astonished by what I learned, that I jotted down all sorts of notes because the revelations would make great posts. Of course they were just ideas at the time, but like embryos they would be fed until they turned into something special and busted out my – nevermind, that analogy still needs some work, but you get the point. I had great ideas. With them I was going to change the world, post by post. Unfortunately something terrible happened the next morning and all was lost. I woke up. It was all a dream. While the ideas were great and could still be used, like most dreams I couldn’t remember anything. All I walked away with was an image of me driving around in a parking lot.  Driving a car which had no battery and 2 flat tires, yet a smooth ride it was. Why this didn’t give away the fact I was dreaming, the world may never know. The fact that an Ashton Kutcher look-a-like mysteriously rose from the ground and helped me fix the car, somehow didn’t send any reds flags either. Anyway, since my creative process has been interrupted I should take this opportunity to update you with what’s happening in my world.


I got promoted at job #1 and I’m now the CEO. Major exaggeration, but I did get promoted.  Also, I quit job #2. You’re probably thinking because of my promotion and raise I no longer needed the second job right? Yea – no, that’s not the case. I wish it were, however, I had to call it quits because working 7 days a week was slowly but dramatically taking its toll. I never thought I would have to learn how to adjust to having the weekends off again.

A few months back I think I mentioned that I was asked to work on a movie script. That’s moving along well. We recently finished up the first draft of the first part of the movie and will be starting the second part this weekend. It’s a new and fresh story idea, definitely different from what’s out there so I’m looking forward to the outcome. As far as solo projects, I’m still debating which to work on first – novel or script. I have this burning idea for a movie script so at the moment I’m leaning towards that and playing around with character ideas.

My creative writing class ended last week. Next on my plate, which wasn’t part of my original order of things, is a short screenwriting class. That begins at the end of this month. Had to change the plans around since I ended up working on a movie script before a novel. Fine by me though, everything happens for a reason.

– Vic Louis
Oh.. I left out Relationship. Not single, not engaged yet and not a baby daddy, but very very happy in that department. Thanks.


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  1. Inquiring M.

    Tis the season for boo’d-upness… lol (shut up, I’m not hating)

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