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Is the Plane Out of Fuel?

Simon Sky Diving
Image by GoGap via Flickr

Everyone wants to go skydiving lately. I’ve been asked by several people over the past year and they seem shocked that I say no. Why?
I’m not in the military. I’m not a paratrooper. I’m not going behind enemy lines and the only way in is to jump out of a plane. All of a sudden everyone in my age group wants to do this. Are you all having a pre-midlife crisis? Are you doing it for a rush? For excitement? My life has enough excitement. Every morning when I walk outside my house I wonder if I will find my car sitting on 2 (not even 4) cinder blocks with no wheels – again. When I hear sirens I wonder if I will get pulled over. Then I wonder if I will get shot because supposedly my cell phone resembled an assault rifle. That’s all the rush I need to jump-start my day. In addition, why would I pay money to jump out of a perfectly good plane?

A couple of days ago a friend of mine told me I should go sky diving, then blog about the experience. No sir, I will not. However, I will blog about why I refuse to do  it.
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I Almost Lost It

I was performing my usual morning rituals and everything was going smoothly. I was on schedule, I wasn’t tired nor was I hungry. Not something I can say every morning. The weather was predicted to be 90 with very little humidity. A beautiful day ahead I thought. However, there was another plan in store for me.
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Made some changes

Besides a few cosmetic changes on the Home page (I’ll let you find them), I added the Blogroll page. Check that out to see what other blogs I follow.

Also, I added quite a few bullets on the About Vic Louis page. So check that out to learn some random fun facts about me. In addition there’s a link to my formspring account. You can go there and ask me anything. It’s anonymous and the question doesn’t appear until I answer it so no worries.

Now it’s time for bed. I know it’s only 10pm – don’t judge me! I’m lacking hours in the sleep department.

-Vic Louis

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