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Something is Missing

I went to New Years party many moons ago. It was your typical “my parents are away” college party. Loud music, dance floor, and plenty of booze. The hardwood floors were wet from the waves of over-filled red cups. Lots of drunk, horny, clueless, and confused 20-something-year-olds filled up the low-lit rooms. Like every house party, the police showed up to voice their first warning to reduce the noise. Surprisingly the hosts were prepared for this and already had the basement setup to keep the party going. While being one of the last people to follow the crowd downstairs, I spotted an attractive Asian girl. With my alcohol induced confidence, I didn’t hesitate to talk to her. Together we went downstairs to continue our conversation. Things would soon become interesting.
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Saving the World, One Drunk Girl at a Time

I went to a club Friday night. Went to hang out with the guys and have a late birthday drink. It was a pretty small place. In fact it wasn’t a club, it was a lounge. Looked like a neat breakfast spot, with the chairs cleared out. To my satisfaction the place was lacking that stale club odor and the sticky floors that usually compliment the smell. I will spare you all the details of the club scene since it isn’t essential to this story. It’s what happened after we left that is relevant.
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4 Reasons Why Dating is a Sport

Sorry for the late post. I walked into work thinking I was free of meetings, next thing I know I’m being told I might have to give a presentation. Fortunately I didn’t have to because I wasn’t prepared for that, but I still had to sit in. By the way, if you are ever wondering how come I haven’t posted something yet I can usually sneak in a tweet during these unexpected meetings. Scroll down and look for the section on the right labeled “What’s the Word.” You will see my latest tweet and it might explain why there’s no post yet. Anyway, I’m going to skip the introductory blurb and jump right into the purpose of this post since the title is self-explanatory and I’m running late (sorry you didn’t get your lunch time reading material).

4 Reasons Why Dating is a is like a Sport
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